Trey Gowdy Goes Ballistic on NFL Hypocrisy

This week, former congressman Trey Gowdy switched gears a bit and put the NFL on his radar.

Gowdy was fuming over the revelation of how many anti-police groups the NFL has donated to.

At the same time, the NFL has obscure rules it enforces with hefty fines, which was the focus of Gowdy’s rant.


According to Gowdy’s report, the NFL has written some rather significant checks to anti-police groups.

The new “Inspire Change” initiative has funded groups such as the Community Justice Exchange, the Oregon Justice Resource Center, and the Vera Institute of Justice.

These groups all advocate for defunding the police and/or abolishing our prison system.

The irony here is that while the NFL is trying to rid society of rules, the league has a book several inches thick on its rules, and not just the ones for the playing field.

For instance, if players put their hands on a referee, they are ejected from the game.

If they do not have their uniform shirt tucked in, they face fines of more than $10,000.

Wear your socks too high, get a fine.

The list goes on and on.

Gowdy stated, “The NFL is an entity that will fine you for having your shirttail out, or wearing the wrong socks.

“They fine players for violating the dress code, the NFL penalizes you if you breathe too hard on a quarterback or hurt the quarterback’s feelings. Touch a referee, and you are gone for a long time.

“You know what happens if you throw a punch in the NFL? You go to their version of prison.”

Gowdy continued, “It’s the hypocrisy of building a league based on rules and penalties and referees and punishment, then wanting to do away with that on the larger playing field of life.”

Adding, “There are more cops on an NFL football field than anywhere else in the country. They are called referees.

“Do you know what happens if you even criticize a referee? You get fined. So why would a league built on rules and punishment want to eliminate the people who enforce our rules and our punishments?

“NFL fans don’t want to defund the police or abolish prison.”

He concluded that the NFL decided to “advocate for things that NFL fans, players and supporters do not want is a curious one.”

The NFL responded, “Our 33 social justice grant partners have been selected based on the critical work that they have done surrounding Inspire Change’s four pillars – education, economic advancement, criminal justice reform, and police & community relations – to break down barriers to opportunity, end systemic racism, and bridge the gap between members of law enforcement and the communities they serve.”

That does not exactly address the points brought up by Gowdy, and I would not expect them to.

Perhaps it is time for NFL ticket holders to start asking some very serious questions of its ownership in how their money is spent.

Most NFL teams hold open conference calls with season ticket holders these days, which would be the ideal time to put these owners on the spot to demand answers.

The NFL has enjoyed free reign in this country for quite some, but now that it is caving to these far-left advocates, perhaps it is time for the people who pay the bills to start pushing back.

Because, believe me, the people benefiting from these programs are surely not the ones writing four and five-figure checks to NFL teams every season for their tickets.

Source: Fox News

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  2. All sports take money from china .big tec,and Hollywood
    sells reruns to China and taking a knee to the American flags is not a problem to these sell outs .they are all about the money..

  3. Dyed in the wool , NFL fans, are past any sort of patriotism these days. They live vicariously via the game and their own favorite players/teams. Things like standing for our flag and national anthem anymore are subservient to the game in their eyes. The flag could end up being drug out to the 50 yard line and pooped on and, as long as the game still plays , it’s no big deal anymore. No PATRIOT in this country watches, discusses, or cares about the NFL anymore and it ashame. Every Man, Woman, and Child that has died in the service of this country is literally pissed on everytime an NFL game is attended and played. I’m a retired Marine. I loved watching pro football. No longer. Move it to North Korea. They hate our flag and anthem too.

  4. Imagine the type of CRT, that’s being dispensed every down in the NFL, you might think what was said that produced a “taunting “ foul, hmmm , I wonder!!!!

  5. That is the nail in the coffin for me. I am through with the NFL, They need to get back to entertaining us, not polarizing us.

  6. I stopped watching the NFL when they started kneeling during the National Anthem and. I don’t think I will ever attend another game or watch one on tv

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