Trump-backed Candidate Loses in Texas Runoff for House Seat

One of the first tests of Donald Trump’s endorsement power has failed in of all states, Texas.

In a special runoff election for Texas’ 6th District seat in the House, Trump had backed Susan Wright.

She was defeated in a very close election by Jake Ellzey, who had the support of several other high-profile Republicans, including Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX).

This has to be considered a crushing blow to the former president and will bring into question just how much weight he carries heading into the 2022 mid-term elections.

Tough Fight

I wrote about this yesterday and stated that Wright was in for a big fight.

Even with Trump’s endorsement, Wright had an uphill battle.

Ellzey had some major players behind him, including the SEAL PAC.

He had also outraised and outspent Wright in the lead-up to the runoff election.

Dems seem just as happy at the outcome as Ellzey’s supporters, with former Obama official David Axelrod tweeting, “The Trump candidate goes down in TX special That’ll give folks something to chew on!”

Wright accepted the loss with class, sending out a congratulatory tweet to the victor…

Trump has not yet commented on the result, but this will not sit well with him.

Wright finished in first place in the general election and was reportedly leading in the polls leading up to the runoff.

Trump went all-in, even recording a robocall for Wright to use in the final days.

Point being, Trump’s detractors will try to make the argument that Trump’s efforts hurt Wright rather than pushing her over the finish line.

The good news here is that the runoff featured two Republicans, so the GOP did not lose a seat to the Democrats.

The bad news is this has energized anti-Trump Republicans against Trump supporters, which could hurt turnout in the mid-term elections.

Source: Fox News

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15 Responses

    1. I think Trump has it all planned by endorsing Susan Wright people would vote for Ellzey. I think he wanted Ellzey to win. Maybe Trump used a little “reverse psychology” when endorsing Wright. One never knows what Trump has up his sleeve. Many Reps think they have to reveal every plan they have and that’s where they get into trouble. I think Ellzey will do a good job forTrump and the Rep Party.

  1. Do not believe this crap here! This will have no effect on the republican voter turn out! As this BIDEN administration keeps their anti-american agenda moving you will see the largest turn out in the mid term elections!

  2. Both candidates are very conservative. Trump did not loose anything. He backed a candidate who just lost her husband. A companionate support from Trump. A no loose pair of conservatives running. Texas still wins.
    Vote out the retard LIBS that left TEXAS and ran to Pelosi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not doing their job.

  3. Crenshaw is hardly “main stream” Republican. Plus the “Seal Pac” in TX is a big deal, with that backing, I am surprised that Trump backed the other candidate. Granted I don’t know anything about either one, so I probably have no business commenting. I just don’t think it is nearly as big a deal as the writer makes it out to be!

  4. Good grief putting your thought in this as though you are an expert .This will only energize the people who stand for truth righteousness and justice

  5. Totally agree with you…
    Vote out those cowardly libtards that ran with their tails between their legs to their mama Nancy..crying all the way home…Did you have enough kleenex Libtards???
    BTW? How old are you people? You did something an immature teenager would do.. shame on you!!!

  6. Democrat wins election for DOG-CATCHER… TRUMP is Crushed? Come on people… stop falling for the propaganda headlines and that everything Trump has to win 100% of the time? My God, I see these crazy stories on AOL, Yahoo, Microsoft News… maybe because I READ like I used to Read News Papers from Front To Back? Do you get News Sent to your Email to get a good read on facts without the Liberal/ Democrat Spin that you are helpless and only the Dems can fix the nation, but in Fact… I see Dems causing chaos and misery so people lose hope as they give-in to the Dems propaganda… Dems will fix the problems they have created? That is what irks me the most… Dems are way far ahead of Republicans in CREATING PROBLEMS….and then using Rules for Radicals to Blame others for what they do? You do know your Rules for Radicals? Maybe you should print them and be aware, eh?

  7. Am glad I didn’t have to vote. As a retired army man I would have had to make a tough decision.

  8. Ask the 90 plus million who voted for President Trump bc we all know President Trump DID NOT LOSE the 2020 election who will THEY support. Now the only thing left is get rid of the unsolicited mail in ballots require Voter ID and last but not least GET RID OF THE DOMINION machines and make sure all illegal immigrants can’t vote and Whal LA we will have a legitimate elections. Just saying

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