Trump Confesses He Hired a ‘Loser’ in General Milley

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley has frustrated conservatives since his appointment.  

He started to show his true colors in the latter stages of Trump’s presidency, but he has gone full-blown woke since Joe Biden took office. 

Trump, shockingly, admitted that he made a mistake when he took Milley on.  

I Hired a Loser 

Now, you must realize, when Trump admits he made a mistake, it usually comes out in the form of venom, so this is about as close to an admission of a mistake we will see from him. 

On Milley, Trump stated, “He was recommended by people that I didn’t think much of, and he was also recommended by a couple of people that I thought were just absolutely terrible.  

“I decided, you know, Mattis, I call them the world’s most overrated general. Mattis hated him, hated him. I figured based on the fact that I thought very little of Mattis.  

“We did a great job without Mattis. Once I got rid of Mattis, we took over — we knocked out ISIS and everything else. I said, ‘if he hates Milley that much, maybe the guy will be all right. 

“I found him to be very average or less than average. I will say this when he walked with the president of the United States to a church that had been burned down almost if they didn’t have the fireproofing, which was just put up.  

“It was literally so amazing because that church was built at the same time as the White House. They went up together.  

“When he went and took that walk, and then he apologized because the radical left started getting on him, I realized I had a loser.  

“I paid very little respect to him. He wasn’t very good. So, I am not a fan of his.” 

Trump also hit Biden on the botched Afghanistan withdrawal, stating, “I would not have made that decision again and look at what he’s done.  

“He took the military out before he got the civilians out of before he got us, citizens, out. So that would show gross incompetence.” 

Trump’s last point is hard to argue.  

It is baffling that Biden chose to remove all the boots off the ground before embassy staff and civilians.  

This is Evacuation 101, yet Biden seemed to miss that day in class. 

Source: Breitbart 

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12 Responses

  1. Biden gets “impeached” and Kamala takes his place; Kamala gets taken out; or runs away and Pelosi takes
    the reigns; can it get any WORSE? YES, they’re ALL connected to HELL. No Joke either!!

    1. If Pelosi get to be president, then her seat will be vacant and the House can impeach her.!!!

      1. I found out that if Pelosi takes the presidency (like HELL she will!!!), that Donald Trump would be able to take Pelosi’s seat without having to go through an election for it. Wow! Yes, it’s true! So if Trump took over Pelosi’s seat, and the House and Senate are taken over by Republicans, I think Trump would have it made! After a couple of months go by, Pelosi will need to be hauled out of the White House strapped to a stretcher because by then it’s possible that she may have lost her mind!!

  2. Maybe biden can make trump vp and all americas troubles will end and joe could hide in basement

  3. How anyone voted for Biden does not make any sense, it was obvious from day one of the presidential race that he was incompetent. Aside from the apparent fact that the voting was rigged, Trump was hated by the media and numerous others, especially in the democrat party. Another factor that needs to be considered is that no one under the age of at least 20 to 25 should have voting rights. Their brains are not fully developed and for the most part have not had much if any personal responsibility. Many of todays young people have been more indoctrinated than educated.

  4. Leadership skills are priceless. Unfortunately for our country and the free world. Our President’s skills are lacking very badly and whoever’s behind the curtain controlling him is too. doing great damage to our nation maybe on purpose. Total control of our nation to govern it as they see fit. If we don’t wake up and save our way of life. We’re the losers. Our freedoms all gone. Pray to God it doesn’t happen. Our constitution of we the people gone forever. I say to you my fellow Americans. No, but hell no our Republic forever under God with liberty and justice for all. So help us God.

  5. If Pinocchio is removed from office I just cannot see Harris taking over since she has less qualifications than Biden. She thinks everything is funny and would not have a clue what to do about anything. As far as the Pig taking over, well she would have to sober up first and that just isn’t going to happen either. I know she is power mad but there is just no way she could do the job and everyone knows. It would be like going from the frying pan to the fire if she did. The best thing that can happen is for them to concede and let Trump take over but that isn’t going to happen either. So it looks like Pinocchio stays. Where the hell were his advisors during all this?

  6. “On Milley, Trump stated, “He was recommended by people that I didn’t think much of, and he was also recommended by a couple of people that I thought were just absolutely terrible.””

    This is a very disappointing statement!
    I thought Trump was his own man, guess not.
    Why the hell would Trump listen to recommendations from people he did not trust?

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