Trump Defense Official Debunks Blinken Claim

Kash Patel served as the Acting Secretary of Defense when Donald Trump was in office.

As such, he had access to any withdrawal plans that were in play when Trump left office.

Blinken claimed the Biden administration never inherited a plan, “only a problem,” but Patel just blew that claim right out of the water.

Wrong Again!

When Trump first announced the withdrawal, some details of the plan came out.

It would be a withdrawal that would take months, not days or weeks, to conduct.

The withdrawal was conditions based… this was all public knowledge.

Some details were also being whispered regarding the possibility of some troops still being either in Afghanistan or nearby to serve as advisors as well as a deterrent against the Taliban.

When Biden came into office, he even admitted that he wanted to put his own plan in place.

That later was changed to there was no plan after Biden’s plan resulted in the horrors that unfolded before the world.

Blinken, before Congress, stated that they inherited no plan, only the problem and the agreement from the Trump administration.

Patel says that is hogwash.

He stated that Trump’s plan was “a peaceful, negotiated government in Afghanistan without U.S. troop presence.

“The main component of that was an all-out rejection of al Qaeda and ISIS.”

He continued, “And they knew that they couldn’t cross at least President Trump’s threat to rain down on them, should they harm a U.S. personnel or allied member.

“And that was the difference, really, between our plan and their plan.”

Patel outlined the entire plan, including holding Bagram for the withdrawal, then airlifting out any remaining equipment and blowing up the bases left behind so the Taliban could not use them.

So, surprise, a Biden official has lied again.

Source: Just the News

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28 Responses

  1. And what will be done about it – the press should be asking this questions day and night until we have an answer.

    1. But the press has a vested interest otherwise
      They will never investigate – there is no longer a free press – or a journalist

  2. By now, even the most HAHRD CORE leftist MUST see that ANYTHING that this administration touches will be TOTALY screwed up from start to finish !!!!!!!!!!! It is in their DNA !!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I agree with Chris in JESUS NAME. “The house of the Wicked will be Overthrown, But the tent of the UPRIGHT WILL FLOURISH. ” (Proverbs 14:11) These WORDS OF ALMIGHTY GOD are Decreed and Released throughout The DncDemocrats Biden-Harris Pelosi Obama Soros Rice Schumer Schiff Sullivan Blinken Mayorgas-Regime, globalists and EVERYONE who’s connected-partnered with these INCREDIBLE CORRUPT GREAT WICKED Lying Deeds. I Trust And DEPEND on ALMIGHTY GOD’S Justice Fairness Honesty and Truth to continue to Expose and Destroy All of these involved Evil Rebels. I agree with GOD’S PLANS for AMERICA-ISRAEL-THE EARTH to PREVAIL. NOW Always. No weapon that is formed against us shall prosper. “GOD CAUSES US TO TRIUMPH IN ALL THINGS ” I Decree in JESUS NAME AND AUTHORITY ♦️

    2. Well they all can read so.We pray for them to Repent .I wonder if they are watching The volcano in the Canary islands?I really think this should make people know there is a Hell .

  3. Biden blames Trump in the hopes that the media will amplify the false charges and go after Trump. How the Biden administration keeps trying is beyond reason and sanity

    1. The success of Trump versus Biden is Trump is a businessman and Biden is just a politician! Big difference = big success for Trump

  4. So again what is going to be done about it. Is there any accountability for these criminals running this once great nation. And yes I want an answer to this question yes or no real easy and if yes what and if no why not??????

  5. SO MANY LIES and no one is being held accountable. This madness and hatred needs to stop and the only way, at this point, is at the polls in 2022. BUT, we CANNOT wait that long! I write and write and write my Congressman and Senators … but, always get the “canned” responses … IS ANYONE LISTENING to the people. MAYBE, just MAYBE if the Senate and Congress salaries were ‘suspended’, indefinitely that would make a difference. BUT, with all of them multi-millionaires …. would they even notice?

  6. Of course President Trump had a plan.
    Former Vice President and the other administration idiots lie all the time.

    I’m always disappointed when a liars pants Don’t actually catch on fire.

  7. What difference does any of this talk make ???? If nobody has the balls to stop these liberal criminals, then they deserve what they get !!!! WHAT A BUNCH OF WIMPS !!!

  8. As usual , the FAKE liberal opinion networks distorted the facts . President Trumps plan would have worked ,,, unlike Perv Bidens disaster which resulted in people being KILLED and leaving the taliban millions of dollars in OUR military equipment , for them to use against us !!

  9. To be part of the Biden administration you have to be a qualified lier or a reporter with the fake news media. Doesn’t take much to qualify just enter with your head up your rear ended.

  10. Why is Biden/Harris STILL in office? They have done so much damage to our America …don’t the constituents see?
    Pelosi and her crew…they are KILLING our beloved Country! WHAT are the REPUBLICANS doing to rectify this…NOTHING! Forgive them Lord, for they know not what they do!

  11. Imagine a party that all in it and all who voted for them are liars.I have read in the Bible that God hates lying and if there is no repentance there is a judge me coming .Watching the volcano in the Canary Island makes me see that Hell is real.

  12. i’m surprised that Kabuki biden hasn’t blamed President Trump for his birth !!
    well, there’s still time for the Dog & Pony un talent show.
    President Trump as master of ceremonies … biden as lion tamer,jen psaki. as being shot out of the cannon, harris
    as the snake charmer, jill can be ticker seller and the 2 dogs ( biden’s ) jump through hoops, fauci, give shot’s in the tent, mayorkas as a clown, milley as security, pelosi, trapeze artist, schiff as clown driving car, nadler, the fat man..

  13. So Stinken Blinkin lied before congress, Shouldn’t he be charged with perjury.
    You know what will happen….. NOTHING.

  14. Biden is the president and made all the discission on Afghanistan, NOT president Trump. Pres. Trump had a plan that was going to work. Biden did not have a plan. Biden screwed the pooch on this one and everything else he does.

  15. And no W.H. or media coverage regarding the multi billions of dollars left behind for the taliban parting gift? Remember? Blackhawk helicopters, thousands of rifles/pistols, night vision, Hummers, planes, and ammunition etc? What is this Biden administration and military doing about recovery or destruction of this cache that would arm a serious devastating military. All deflection by the Biden administration and his bed fellow mainstream media news networks

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