Trump Endorsement Starting to Clear Field Running Against Liz Cheney

Several days ago, the Wyoming House primary race in Cheney’s district was overflowing.

That field is not getting much smaller and could shrink to a head-to-head race very soon.

Donald Trump’s endorsement of Harriet Hageman is already clearing the field of challengers.


While there were some signs a mixed field could present Cheney with challenges, I believe the only way to take her out is to go head-to-head with her.

Rep Cheney (R-WY) still has significant support in the state and she is filling up her war chest with stacks of cash.

In that scenario, if she is to be beaten, the best option would be head-to-head, and it looks like that is what Trump’s endorsement has done.

Several candidates have already dropped out of the race just days after Trump gave Hageman the thumb’s up.

Local businessman Darin Smith, who was one of those candidates, stated, “I said hell would freeze over before I’d be the reason Liz Cheney gets re-elected,” so he dropped out.

Former Wyoming Republican Party Chairman Matt Micheli stated, “I suspect most of the other candidates probably will drop out.

“If they have a realistic view and do the analysis, they’ll come to that conclusion.

“I think there’ll be one or two that probably stay in because they’re doing it more for a political point than to actually win.”

For those wanting Cheney gone, that last sentence still hangs over this election.

I suspect this will be a VERY tight race, even head-to-head, so just one additional candidate could be enough to allow Cheney to win this race.

I expect some very heavy campaigning by Trump not only for Hageman but also in personal phone calls to the remaining candidates to drop out to ensure they have the best chance of taking out Cheney.

This is, by far, the most important congressional race that Trump will be involved in regarding the power of his influence as we move forward.

Source: Just the News

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39 Responses

    1. It just really bothers me how cowardly our Republican Politicians are. McConnell stated that he would not support impeachment of Biden. The Democrats are destroying our country yet 85% of Republican Politicians are doing nothing!! A very few are speaking out but most aren’t. Just think, if ALL the Republicans in the House and Senate would for ONCE stand in UNITY against this corrupt Administration it would send a POWERFUL MESSAGE!! Sadly, that will never happen.

        1. So true a list needs to be made public of those traders who do not support the conservative views so we can know who they are
          Vipers hiding behind the conservative name
          Vote them out!

          1. Too True! It’s a case of uninformed voters that just voted the “R” ticket without looking into who or what that R is about! Unfortunately the nation got what they supposedly voted for! and maybe they were in on the scam? I am sure daddy got her well trained in who to suck up too! and it isn’t her voters!

      1. You are exactly right!
        I have emailed and called just to get a phone eyeroll or a long winded email back that said nothing!
        I tried to tell them that defense isn’t working and doesn’t get points on the board so go to offense! I even tried to explain how testicular fortitude works! McConnell is one of them as in the elite swamp!
        We may have to take this into our own hands with God with us, who can be against us!
        Put me on the list for when it all goes down! I want to be there!

  1. Cheney: You’re a useful idiot! Take some time out from destroying our country and research “Night of the Long Knives” and see what “they” do to useful idiots when no longer useful.

  2. I believe Cheney needs to get out of politics all together. I believe she is not a very liked person on both the Republican and Democratic sides. All she is a distraction. She has sooo much hate and anger in her body, she is and will not benefit any American citizen. She desperately needs to go to a mountainous retweet where there are no social media, television, computers, cell phones or any other means of communication, for one year. Just saying.
    I will also say, her going to such a retreat will never happen. Her whole body is nothing but hate and anger. She’s not human being like that. She’s nothing, never has been and never will be.

  3. Liz Chaney is just another very hateful person just like Nancy the Witch. I just don’t think the people of WY, will ever support the second most hateful women in our country. Liz and Nancy are just two very ugly women on the inside that need to be put in prison for committing the BIGGEST HATE CRIME in American History. I know that the people of WY. will not put up with this Very hateful , evil Nancy following puppet, they are way to smart to allow her to represent them ever again !!!!!

    1. No one is as evil as Piglosi, she would trade her own kids in for power and money. Never in my life have a seen such a coward such a horrible piece of work. She is behind all of the evil that has been going on in our government. She must be voted out.

  4. In our democracy, we citizens vote out politicians who do not serve our best interests. It is time for Ms. Cheney to be voted out of office by the citizens of Wyoming.

    1. EXACTLY!
      We must make ourselves heard & vote to remove ALL of these rinos & commie dems. Take back our country!

  5. I just don’t get it why these people hate Pres Trump so bad…? Everything he did for us was great…!!! You can look at all there faces and see nothing but evil and hate..It makes me sick what biden has done to us…or should I say obama…He came to the W.H. poor…and has 3 Million dollar homes now…where did he get the money…? and we are praying to GOD to have money for food and pay bills…ex ex…Just think where we would be if Pres Trump was still in office….

    1. Trump was and still is an outsider he is not part of the establishment that is what they hate they have no way to control him

  6. Shamey = WORTHLESS south end of a horse going north 🖕🏻😡🖕🏻😡🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🖕🏻🖕🏻😡😡🖕🏻😡🖕🏻😡😡😡

  7. They hate President Trump because he’s the good guy in the white hat. He won’t let them control us and our way of life. He won’t let them take away our freedom. They want to control our gasoline, our food supply, our water supply, what kind of car we drive, how much heat and a/c resources we use, and even whether we get to breathe. They want put their boots on our necks to make us pay their bills while giving us nothing. In other words they want to hog it all while they just work us till we drop. President Trump is our self-proclaimed protector which makes it harder for them to achieve their selfish goals. So they hate him. Get it yet?

  8. Why is Shumer,Shiff, Nancy, A0C,omar, Biden and Kamala are so evil. Are they in a cult It sounds like it. They are evil sick disturbed people. Lots of other Democrat politicians are just as evil

  9. As we all see and know, the Demorats are united. They stand with their depraved leaders. We Republicans are, for the most part, spineless and we destroy ourselves from within. Is Republican just a another name Demorat?

  10. But the beat thing for her would be for Her great Pal Pelosi to help her out to show what a useful fool she is to the Democratic party. Hey Liz you might want to have Pelosi run you campaign into the ground for you so we dont have to bother. Don’t you know by now haven’t you learn look at Adam Kilzinger he is like a lost puppy looking for a new home he is begging to keep his job after Pelosi used him up. He has no place as a Rino. And not do you

  11. In 2016 the demoncraps wanted so bad to put the evil Hillary in place to push their globalist agenda and Trump just set them back by 4 years and lots of laws to change, Biden got in there illegitimately and started day one with the hate Trump agenda and globalist take over, At this point he is negotiating a UN treaty to take your guns like they did in Australia and you see how that worked out! Citizens are beaten in the streets, death jab “vaccines” are being forced on them, total lock downs and a complete collapse of society!
    I say give them your guns… lead first and from your cold dead hands!
    Our law enforcement took and oath as did our military, The demons don’t have the numbers or they wouldn’t have to cheat! All we have to do is say no and mean it! That they show riots and partial city takeovers in liberal areas generally urban the suburbs are where people of reality live and they won’t dare breach city limits,,, alive!
    It seems to be true that the difference between “conspiracy” and reality is not only 6 months but 6 miles!
    Stand up America! This is your country of We the People! not the few unelected in government!

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