Trump Losing Ground in Hypothetical 2024 Rematch

Ever since the 2020 election wrapped up, there have been polls running for a potential rematch.

That died off after a bit, but we have seen them revamped in recent months.

Before the New Year, Trump dominated these polls, not so much anymore.

Why Is This Happening?

As the most recent COVID surge started and Trump started making more appearances, more polls were conducted.

The first set of polls that I saw had Trump about seven points up in a rematch.

As Trump made more appearances and continued to complain about the 2020 election, that lead slipped to five, then four points.

Trump has now fallen into a tie with Biden in the latest Wall Street Journal poll, with both men holding 45 percent.

This is not that people have a more favorable opinion of Joe Biden.

This is that people are starting to realize why they did not like Trump in the first place.

Now, I know what most people think about polls, but my system has worked pretty good for me over the years.

I do not look at any one poll… rather, I look at the trends over time to see if we can see anything developing.

In this case, Trump has gone backward consistently over the last three months.

I honestly believe this is because voters are sick and tired of hearing about the 2020 election, especially when there are so many issues that people are looking for how these problems will be fixed.

Trump has become obsessed with the 2020 outcome, and I understand that, but Americans want to know how the high price of gasoline will be fixed, how the supply chain issues will be fixed, how future surges of COVID will be addressed, and how immigration will be fixed.

Trump has to stop making this about him and make it about what he will do for the people moving forward.

If he does not do that and he wins the nomination, I have little doubt it will be a nail-biter on election night, with it being no better than a coin-flip that he wins.

On the flip side, if Trump simply gets behind someone like DeSantis, I believe the GOP would romp.

This is a dangerous situation for Trump because he could be the hero of the party for a lot of people for the remainder of his days if he backs a candidate and the GOP has that red tsunami we all believe is headed this way.

If Trump continued to rehash the 2020 election and make this about himself, he could lose the election, and if he does that, he will never be forgiven.

The fact that he is now dead even with Joe Biden in polling is proof that Americans are sick of hearing about this whether his most ardent supporters want to believe that or not.

This is not one poll… this is a steady trend that has been holding for months now and this election is far bigger than Trump’s ego.

We simply cannot allow this administration to have another four years in the White House because I firmly believe the conservative moment may not recover from eight solid years of Democrat rule in this political environment.

We need the Senate; we need the House; and yes, we MUST have the White House back in 2024.

I say this knowing full well venom is about to come my way, but I am here to offer my insight, not write for people to tell me how wonderful I am.

In my opinion, this is honestly how I see this trending.

And, before you start sending me hate mail on this, I want you to consider something…

In all of these polls, a generic GOP candidate is leading a generic Democrat candidate by double digits in just about every race across the board.

Only when Trump is specifically planted in these races does this number dip so dramatically.

He needs to make one change to right this… stop talking about the election.

Investigate it all you want once the 2024 election is over, but just stop bringing it up for now and offer up a forward-looking campaign on how you can fix this mess Biden has gotten us into.

So, let’s hear from you guys on this one.

If the primary comes around and Trump is even or trailing in polling, would you still vote for him to win the nomination and risk losing the general election or would you want someone like Ron DeSantis to face off against Democrats in 2024?

Tell us in the comments section below.

Source: The Hill


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