Trump New Social Network Defaced by Hackers

On Wednesday, Donald Trump announced that he was launching a new “media powerhouse.”

Part of that network would be a social media platform.

Within hours of the announcement, however, it appears as though the site was hacked.

Bad Start

The new social media site is called Truth Social.

The fact that it only took hackers hours to break through the website’s security to post a vulgar image on the front page of a test version is a crippling blow to Trump.

It just shows that it will not be quite as easy as he had hoped to get a new outlet launched.

And, when he does, he can expect a steady flow of cyberattacks against the site.

After the hack, the test site was reportedly taken back down.

Test signups were also conducted by reporters, with very few security checks in place to prevent fake accounts.

For instance, accounts were created using both Donald Trump’s and Mike Pence’s names.

According to an MSN report, the coding on the site appears to be open-sourced coding that has been available since 2016.

There is some good news for Trump, however,

After Trump’s announcement, stock for the new outlet surged dramatically on both Thursday and Friday.

So much so, trading on Digital World Acquisition Group (DWAG) was halted on Friday at several points.

Trump’s security may be lax, but investors clearly feel that is something he will get figured out and they are going all in.

Sources: MSN & Just the News

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23 Responses

    1. You know, the ONLY positive thing that is coming out about this senile old man taking the WH is how great of a job President Trump did. Biden needs to be put 6 feet under and the sooner the better.

      1. Biden is terminally mentally sick. If not for that he, like all democrats, and MANY republican politians should be charged, convicted and exicuted for sedition and treason. Rather that happens or not they have turned their back on Jesus to join satan.
        EVERYTHING democrat do is for the purpose of destroying the United States unordered to bring about satans one world government and the antiChrist.
        And for “covid”, if it is not the mark of the beast it is a trial run.

    2. This is as we know only a test case to invite the hackers and the Democrats and like everything else fell for it hook line and sinker. They are only smoothing out all the wrinkles and it will be up and running no doubt.

  1. The America haters never stop !
    I am ashamed of our Government !
    A leader who murders children and lies about it … …. Lies about everything!
    The Democrats pledge ! Lie,Lie,Lie !!!
    Hunter Biden for President ! Yea YEA!!
    Free Crack and hookers for all !

  2. This is why they have a test this article is biased what do you think they have test for her to see who’s gonna hack them Find the problems before it goes online this article whoever wrote is an idiot

  3. I am sure President Donald J Trump was expecting this to happen .Watch all these evil.people scramble while something else is being done which they will not be able go to attack

  4. Left will do anything they can to keep President Trump from running in 2024 if he wants to

  5. Ride on Trump. The World believes in u as a go-getter, not as a basement boss or sleeping dumbo.

  6. The article written by G. McConway must be a propaganda piece written by George Conway, who is jealous husband of Kelly Ann Conway, and a member of a malicious group, with pedo members, of never Trumpers that is bent on taking down Trump any way they could except legally.
    The Trump web site is not open yet and has not even been beta tested. The sites possible launch might be in the first quarter of 2022. And the site is piggy backing on a DOW listed organization which might make the writer of this article culpably in an FBI investigation.
    I am sure the Trump team appreciates these overly ambitious hackers showing them the weak points in the system.

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