Trump Calls Latest Report on Russian Interference ‘Disgusting’

Donald Trump has been out of office for almost six months, but the media is still going after him.

The media and Democrats are terrified of this man getting back into the political arena, so it was not exactly a shock to see the Russian collusion narrative appear again.

After a new report was published claiming Russian spy agencies were tasked with helping Trump, the former president went absolutely ballistic, slamming the report.


According to a new report by the left-leaning Guardian, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered his spy agencies to find ways to help Trump win the White House in 2016.

The report claims that Putin issued the order on January 22, 2016, during a Kremlin meeting.

The report was put together using documents that were allegedly leaked from the Kremlin.

A Russian spokesperson has already stated the report is “pulp fiction.”

Trump also chimed in, going absolutely ballistic, making a statement through spokesperson Liz Harrington.

Harrington tweeted…

With a third run at the White House by Trump almost a certainty at this point, we would suspect this narrative will once again be revived by the media, even though an extensive investigation has already proven there was no collusion on the part of Trump.

Source: The Guardian & New York Post

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16 Responses

    1. Don’t feel bad,many of my posts and email forwarding and even some of the things I try to read get rejected. The ones I try to pull up to re say “bad request”. What the heck is that all about? Censorship, I guess!

  1. Trump won last election,and he didn’t CHEAT! biden/ Harris administration is illegal and fraudulent. Even Guatemala knows Trump WON!

  2. RUSSIARUSSIARUSSIA!!! Translated, it means “The Sky is Falling The Sky is Falling The Sky is Falling”!!!
    It just means they’re trying to get ANYTHING on him, like they have been for over 5 years now, in hopes of preventing him from running in ’24.

  3. Trump is a leader. Biden is a coward and a traitor. No one likes a coward and traitor because no one can trust them. If the American people allow biden to continue his destructive actions this country will cease to exist, soon. No other country respects us now, and no doubt they now know as a people we are lunatics to allow biden to be our leader. No animal allows the weakest to be the leader. They are smarter than the biden voters and it is more evident daily biden stole the election. He did not get legal votes. Liar, thief and traitor and how many years in politics and all he has done is lie and steal?

  4. Stupidity is rampant with the democrat/liberal thoughts – what about the American people ??? It’s time that the house was cleaned of the politicians now on duty and a new realm needs to take back the United States !!! Politics once was a well thought of trait – now it’s demeaning and corrupt regardless of the political party – the political parties are ruining this country with their “keep it in the house” approach !!! It’s time to stand up and be counted, or otherwise take the bull that’s being said – AND NO ACTION !!!

  5. I was told by god that the demonrats will be done for good in 1 year!

  6. President Trump : Please consider becoming a member of Congress . Run in a Florida district and help to win a landside victory for people that will “put America First ” and send the Liberals & RINO’S home .Let the House elect you to be the Speaker and take action relating to ALL of the actions from 2016 and before .The liberal powers have had 20+ years to put people in place in EVERY Federal Agency and through-out the Federal employees to do their bidding . One can recall the insider attacks from the 2016 election. Look at social media ,news sources ,Governors ,Antifa ,BLM, and All of the other enemies of our Nation .The 2024 election will be a moot point if we don’t do something about the destructive agenda being put forth and will be deeply embedded in our way of life . Time is NOT our Friend !!! MAGA

  7. Biden has lied his way through congress and yet the fools in his state keep voting him into office year after year. Pres. Trump won if all the correct ballots were counted and not the fake ones. Now its back to Russia. Can’t the Democrats come up with something new. 2022 the Democrats are going to lose a lot of seats because they support a looser in Biden and Harris. Schumer & Pelosi. These are the four worse in Congress.

  8. Biden and his son are the ones colluding with the Russians. Why do you think the Keystone pipeline is shut down, while the Russian pipeline is still open, and doesn’t Hunter sit on the board of, a Russian oil company? But the Democrats claim it is Donald Trump who’s in bed with the Russians. Who are they trying to kid

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