Trump to Hold Rallies in Iowa and Georgia

With every passing day, it seems more apparent that Trump has made up his mind regarding running for office in 2024.

On Tuesday night, the Save America PAC announced two more rallies to be held by Trump.

He will now be appearing in Georgia and Iowa in September and October, respectively.

Will He or Won’t He?

The entire nation is waiting to find out if Trump will be running again.

Opinions are all over the place on this, even among Trump supporters.

The question is not if he will win the nomination but if he can get enough support to win a general election.

The answer to that question may have been leaning more towards a “no” just a few weeks ago, but Biden has been on a downward trend like we have never seen.

The leaving of Americans behind in Afghanistan was the final straw, and now polls have Trump beating Biden in a rematch of 2020.

That being the case, it appears as though Trump will be looking to capitalize on that momentum.

Trump’s PAC announced a September 25 rally just outside of Atlanta and an October 9 rally in Des Moines.

In addition to Trump’s previous rallies, these rally locations now make it seem as though the announcement is imminent.

The Georgia event could also serve as a kickoff event of sorts for Herschel Walker, who just announced he is running for the Senate seat currently held by Raphael Warnock.

We should also note that the fever behind Trump is hotter than ever after Florida Governor Ron DeSantis seemed to bow out, stating that reports of him running for president are “purely manufactured.”

Trump has previously pointed to FEC rules that do not allow him to announce this early, as well as stating he would like to concentrate on getting the right Republicans in place to take back Congress in 2022.

We have to keep playing the guessing game for now, but it sure looks like a lock that he will run from where I am sitting.

Source: New York Post

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16 Responses

    1. Mr. President, We definitely need you in the White House to undo the damage done by Sleepy, Creepy Uncle Joe and his cronies. I know you can’t announce yet, but please consider running for President again.

    1. The left under Pelosi stole the election from trump.anybody with a half a brain saw the corupt voter fraud that went on.if congress don’t stop the lefts unlawful stealing of elections the country is in big trouble and we will have to go after these people ourselves.

  1. Even Joe the Plumber from Toledo Ohio can beat Old Joe from (hell even Old Joe can’t remember ) But NoBama remembers the plumber…..

  2. Truly, we need this man to lead our country, once again. It is sad and sickening to see where we are and where we may be headed, if things don’t change. China is just watching, waiting and “licking her lips”, for her long awaited treat of devouring the USA! We must not allow this to happen!!


  4. You have my vote and those of my large family, numbering in the dozens, before we even start considering those out side the family, so go for it. The nation needs you again, and we would be so much better off if the last election had been performed on a level playing field. YOU GO TRUMP!

  5. Yes – Trump definitely should run. It is a shame that he would have to start over on so many things due to Biden’s reversals. Imagine how things would be if he had a straight 8 years to accomplish them. This country would surely be so much improved and we would be respected. We would be out of Afghanistan permanently and all our people would be home safely, the borders would be protected and immigration would be under control, we would be independent with our oil supply. So much would already be accomplished and we could go forward from here.

  6. Who said he could win in a Remax. He won in the first place. If the Democrats and the republicans weren’t afraid to stand up to the fraud charges along with the worthless judges and the scotus we wouldn’t have this problem. If the people who write this articles would write the truth maybe something good would happen. What happened to the results of the audit report in Arizona. Haven’t heard anything in a long while. What’s up

  7. President Trump is the only person that will “put the fear of God” in the foreign countries as they have no idea what he is capable of. However, the Trump supporters do and I can’t wait to see the hammer fall. This is going to be great to watch. Let’s hope he has all the RINO’s out of the way, the right people in the House and Senate, and let him steam roll ahead. I just wish it could be tomorrow!!!

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