Tucker Carlson: January 6 ‘Failed Coup’ is Democrat Mid-term Strategy

Democrats are desperate.

Anyone that watched a single second of the events held to commemorate the first anniversary of the riot at the Capitol could see that.

They are so desperate that, according to Tucker Carlson, the narrative we heard today will be their new rallying cry for 2022 and beyond.

Trust Us…

Democrats sold January 6 as one of the worst atrocities in American history.

Now, most of us would agree it was not a pretty day, but ranking it on par with Pearl Harbor and 9/11, which is precisely what Kamala Harris did, is shameful.

Collectively, about 5,400 people lost their lives on 9/11 and the attack on Pearl Harbor.

We have all seen the videos by now of this “insurrection.”

I cannot help but think back to that one picture of a police officer actually calmly chatting with “rioters” in the halls of Congress.

Or, how about a more disturbing image… a group of police officers within feet of Ashli Babbitt trying to climb through a window only to see her body go limp.

The agent that fired at her said he had no choice…

He was behind a secured door. Ashli Babbitt was unarmed. Numerous police officers were standing right behind her. She weighed all of about 115 pounds.

Even if she got all the way through that window, are we to believe a taser could not have taken her down?

If this was a BLM riot and the officer was white instead of black and Babbitt was a liberal minority instead of a white conservative woman, what do you think the narrative would have been?

Let me save you the trouble… that officer would now be on trial for murder.

How dramatic is this narrative getting? Well check out this tweet…

Carlson, in part, stated, “And in fact, as a political matter, the anniversary of Jan. 6th is not a joke.

“It’s a very serious thing.

“Pretending that a protest was actually a failed coup is the Democratic Party’s entire strategy to win this year’s midterm elections.

“At this point, it’s all they’ve got. Governing didn’t work.

“That’s why today, the attorney general of the United States, one of the most political men in Washington, announced the department of justice will continue to harass and arrest people voted for Donald Trump.”

Carlson also hit Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), who, for some reason, called this a domestic terror attack.

Carlson stated, “He described Jan. 6 as a violent terrorist attack. Of all the things Jan. 6 was, it was definitely not a violent terrorist attack. It wasn’t an insurrection.

“Was it a riot? Sure. It wasn’t a violent terrorist attack. Sorry.

“So why are you telling us it was, Ted Cruz?

“And why are none of your Republican friends who are supposed to be representing us and all of the people who were arrested during this purge saying anything?”

I have to admit, I was a bit confused at the language used by Cruz as well.

If we are not characterizing BLM and ANTIFA rioting as domestic terrorism, this surely was not a terrorist attack.

Nor, as Carlson said, was it an insurrection, a point made clear by the DOJ, who has yet to file insurrection charges against any of the roughly 150 people that have been charged thus far.

Insurrections and terrorist attacks are also generally well thought out plans, which this was clearly not.

Emotions ran high, and this got very, very out of control, so, yes, we will concede riot, but that is about as far as it goes.

Anything else is fearmongering and a major power play on the part of Democrats (and a bit confusing on the part of Ted Cruz).

You can see Tucker’s full segment in the video below…

What did you think of Ted Cruz calling this a terrorist attack?

Do you think Tucker is correct in saying that this is the new Democrat strategy?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Source: Fox News

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20 Responses

  1. sI think Cruz used this as jump off to file for filing for the presidency; buy I did not like him saying ignorant things about Trump! Because of the negative things he said about Trump…I will never votr for anyone saying
    negative things about Trump. Trump was treated horrible by democrats, worse than any other republican!

  2. Cruz lives in a grey area, but I believe he is a globalist at heart, so maybe this is why he opted for terrorist attack statement? But then again he is a Canadian, and they are a little “off”.

  3. The democrats planned and staged the entire incident and anyone who did the research knows without any doubt that is 100% true. Another frame job. That is all it is. Patriots wouldn’t do anything stupid on their own so they drew them into a trap and framed them. Blm and antifa didn’t need to be framed because they straight up did terroristic things blatantly over and over all over the country.

    1. I think you are correct. But we need the proof to get out there before the election. Democrats are behind all that is going wrong in this country…or at least most. Why can’t people see it?

  4. I Use To Stand With Ted Cruz But He Has Lost Me And Many Others Just Consider Him Another Democrap Along With Good Ole Mitch He Lost Me To And Many Others

  5. Do you really believe the American people are so stupid as to fall for another scam planted by the RATs will deture Nov results? Even before today we the people knew s
    and know the RATs need to have events happening to get our attention of the bad bad deeds they have and are doing. Jan 6 was a demorat planned issue in full but planned to stop Trump. The RATs are so scared they will do all they can to keep their power. We the people see and know what your tricks are and karma may bite soon.

  6. January 6 was Americans fed up with Voter Fraud. The FBI and Nancy Pelosi are the biggest cause of what happened.

    Republicans need to STAND UP and get some guts.

    How much FRAUD do we have to accept.? We need Voter ID or you cannot VOTE… JUST COMMON SENSE.

  7. If you believe what Joe and his Klowns are telling us, You are part of the problem.. Whly can’t you think for yourself, after you have read about, what really happened.. Don’t be sheep !!! Research what really happened …

  8. It was a riot, plain and simple but the Biden administration is desperate to stay in power so they can force more of their left wing crap on us, comparing it to Pearl Harbor and 9/11 is a grave insult to the people who died on those days ( wonder if Harris evens knows where Pearl Harbor is )

  9. I believe that Jan 6th was indeed the American people being fed up with all the fraud and corruption in Washington. Whenever someone on the right would say that undocumented people voted in the 2020 election the response they got was”there is no evidence for that and leave it at that. Well sure there going to be no evidence if you never look for it!!!

  10. The damn Democrat left ussing the take over stratagy for their one party rule For Ever

  11. The Rats want their own voting rules, so they can fix every election and walk us into total control! I hope they get voted out and the sooner the better. Nancy and all the Rats know why what happened Jan 6th, they caused it all. I used to like Ted Cruz, but I wonder what happened. Why don’t the Republicans do anything about what the BLM and ANTIFa did? I think the Rats used today to cover up something they are doing!

  12. I cannot understand why an event lasting no more than five hours with one deliberate killing by a police officer (?) has come to be called an insurrection. During an effective insurrection, arms force present authorities to relinquish their power to the mob. Defenders are marched off at gunpoint to a place were they have no power, such as a jail. Communications are taken over and martial law is declared. Key leaders are ousted and the mob takes over. Chaos follows. None of this happened! There was a security breach which the people around it had no idea how to take advantage of the occasion! There was no plan, no quick-step to a designated place or goal. Nothing. If the director of a movie tried to sell this stuff, no one would buy it! So why are we? Further, the action going on favored the President! Senator Ted Cruz was just beginning to present reasons why certain electors’ votes should be questioned! Had he been able to proceed, perhaps other states would have followed suit. We will never now know. Recall, too, that radical followers of Hilary Clinton were in the same place in 2017 when the electoral votes were being counted, protesting. Loudly. These obvious points have somehow gotten lost in the shuffle. The liberal shuffle.

  13. Republicans have really failed America! They have done nothing to stop this communist overthrow of our country. I had hoped Ted Cruz was a sincere patriot. He fooled a lot of us. We know whose side he is on now. How so many have turned their backs on America is heart breaking.
    The American people know this was a set up on January 6th. Everyone knows it and nobody has done anything to fix it. The political prisoners from that day should have been charged and released. If Republicans would stand together this could be fixed. I don’t see it happening. Too many traitors to America on both sides.

  14. Tucker is right on with this. How many people were killed and injured during BLM and Antifa riots? How many millions of dollars in damage during those riots that DA’s did absolutely nothing. This whole Jan 6th was staged by the democrats to undermine Trump as they knew their impeachment was destined to fail

  15. More Dems talk about 1-6, the More we know & more we find out the backlash will cost them 2022.
    Lead to more Probes, SWAT raids OK
    Make= for Dems to exp surprise SWAT raids

  16. Again I say (and hopefully will not be deleted again) the dems deflect on every issue to cover their a……

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