Tucker Carlson Lands Exclusive Rittenhouse Interview

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson just landed the interview of the year.

Not long after the Rittenhouse verdict was announced, Carlson landed an exclusive interview with Rittenhouse.

It will be the first real look at Kyle Rittenhouse since the trial started.

Big News

Rittenhouse has been silent since this case started.

He has had allegations of white supremacy levied at him from some of the most influential Democrats in this country.

On Friday night’s show, Tucker Carlson revealed that his team has been putting together a Rittenhouse documentary.

In one of the scenes, they have a camera on Rittenhouse as he left the courthouse, stating, “I believe they came to the correct verdict and I’m glad that everything went well.

“It’s been a rough journey but we made it through it.

“We made it through the hard part.”

He also stated that he had the first public interview with Rittenhouse since the trial began.

Tucker discusses this and more in the video below…

Carlson hits on a lot of the points I made this week, especially the double talk coming out of the mouths of Democrats.

Let’s also not forget, none of this would have ever happened if the city of Kenosha had not been turned over to rioters in the first place.

Source: Fox News

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7 Responses

  1. I have to say I watched the majority of the trial and God bless for being on the side of the truth for Kyle. He had a fantastic legal team that walked him and the jury through all the events. The judge was excellent and did an amazing job of keeping the DA in tow. The jury took a long time, but it goes to show that they were very awake and listening in depth to the days of long testimony. Also, did you notice that because the court clerk held the box in front of Kyle and he had to pick out each juror without knowing who it would be. He seems to be a fine young man and this will remain with him forever, but in time it will fade some. As we walk through life, there are hurdles we have to jump, but with God’s grace and love we somehow make it. And we each learn a lesson. God bless our judicial system that is still in tact. Will be looking forward to your interview.

  2. If the low life democrats try to make this into a federal case they will have blood on their hands, he was found not guilty in a fair trial by his peers and the democrats would be total morons if they don’t accept it and leave it alone.

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