Media Continues to Turn on Biden

It took an entire year, but man, is this swing happening fast.

In just a few weeks, major media outlets have decided to flip the script on how they are covering Joe Biden and this administration.

The latest to show a crack in the foundation is PBS, which reported that Biden did “too little, too late” regarding testing.

Sorry, Joe

The media was just as invested in this presidency as Democrats.

They turned narratives and literally sold Joe Biden to the American people as some sort of savior for the country.

Biden has been a fraud all along, though.

Even so, the media continues to keep the negative headlines aimed at Trump and make excuses for Joe Biden.

That has changed recently, as Omicron is surging, and Biden faced some major legislative defeats.

PBS NewsHour, which has been a staunch ally to this administration thus far, switched gears this weekend.

The New York Times David Brooks was on the show on Friday, and he absolutely obliterated Joe Biden, especially on just now ramping up testing kit production.

He stated, “It is too little, too late. There was an interesting report in Vanity Fair magazine that, in October, a group of scientists came to the White House with a 10-page plan to get 730 million tests to Americans, families, hopefully by the holiday season, by right now and the White House didn’t pursue that.

“And, according to the article and other articles on the phenomenon, a lot of scientists think they were too vaccine-heavy, they just wanted to focus on vaccines.

“They thought vaccines were the best way to do it and they neglected a lot of the other tools we need. And, in one theory, they decided, if we let people have a lot of tests, they’ll try to test their way through the crisis without relying on the vaccines.

“I’d love to see any social science evidence that supports people really are — were thinking that way. But I do think it’s fair to say that it’s just hard to think as big as this problem is.

“And, at times, the administration has thought this big, but according to a lot of experts, at times, they’ve been thinking too small and too slow.

“And so, we sort of missed a couple of months where we could have been, in theory, ramping up testing.”

Do you think Joe Biden failed the American people?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Source: Breitbart

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31 Responses

  1. He didn’t want Americans doing whay they wanted to protect themselves properly. He wants to keep people dying from these variants. Instead of letting this flu run its course

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      1. This is a scam. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it is. This scam has been running on this website for the past few weeks. You will see about three or four postings like this on every discussion on this site. Not sure if they are trying to get access info to your bank account or personal info for identity theft. Either way, it is a phishing scam.

    2. So true, Biden always was very stupid, but now with Alzheimer he is a complete moron. When does a sane person say his son is the smartest man he knows and that creep is know as a crooked drug infested pedo. At least that is what I was told.

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    1. Actually it was college. He had a brush with plagiarism and cheating on tests. Let’s face it. He’s always been a useless scumbag….

    2. His plaigerism goes back to his high school days. He’s bee dishonest, basically, all his life.

  2. Follow the money trail, why do Biden and the rest of his minions want to keep vaccines and masks to prevalent? I can see only two reasons. One. train the American people so they will willingly accept government intervention and care. Two there must be a money kickback from the vaccine and masks.

    1. And every thing they do or it won’t be done. All in the name of getting rich and being in power.

  3. O’Biden was so over his head for all the years he did nothing but take our tax money and took money from other country’s to do nothing. Now after being elected by machine, having Alzheimer and not having a brain he is doing what his handlers tell him to say and due. Then to bed by 4:00 and the handlers get the papers ready for signing the next day. If you think this is normal I am very sorry for you.

  4. If there ever has been a worthless useless brainless and just all around idiot Biden fits the bill to a tee. He is the worst president to steal office in the history of elections this was it. If we don’t get him out of office there will be no office.

  5. joe biden is a failure at everything!
    And so is his Constitutionlly ineligible v.p. harris ……
    (Her parents were NOT American citizens)

    1. My Wise wife found and showed me the truth that harris is Constitutionally INELIGIBLE to be President! It Made my Day, But that Makes Pelosi next in Line for Presidency, That Just sends shivers down my spine.
      What we Really need is to #Auditall50States to prove Obiden was not the Winner of the 2020 Election! That would Mean there is no 46th President and All of his Executive Orders and Bills that he signed are all Null and Void and President Trump is Still Our Nations President!

  6. Too many lies, too many twists and turns in information we are given by the news media and Fauci. Now, Fauci has read every controlled study done on flu viruses including masks. He stated back in March of 2020 that masks do not work. Now, being as smart as he is, di dhe lie to us? Or did he tell us the truth? He told us the truth. Over a 10 year span, major universities ran controlled sudies on wearing face masks and all of then concluded that face masks do not work, The reason was that the masks have tiny holes in the fabric and the virus is 1000 times smaller then those holes. It is like trying to stop mosquitoes with a chain link fence. Fauci is a registered Democrat. 2 months later he changed his story. Everyone needs to wear a mask. That moment, the DEmocrats seized control of the mask police and said that conservatives are against wearing masks. That is when it became a political football. Now that the vaccines have shown that they do not protect against COVID, but the vaxxed can also spread COVID. So what use are the vaccines? Also, the CDC/VAERS is reporting over 1.8 million deaths caused by the vaccines. Go there and look for yourselves.

    1. Remember, when Clinton was Sec of State, Fauci had the hots for. Her staff used to laugh at the high volume of mail and calls Hillary would get from Fauci.

    2. Yes, we should all know by now, it’s a NWO depopulation scam and if we don’t know, then shame on us. Wise up people.

  7. It only took a year, the destruction of our economy, the voting system of the entire nation, the police forces across the entire nation, the import of millions upon millions of illegal invaders, the loss of all respect of every nation in the world, the deaths of how many citizens and the list goes on and on…..before the media finally catches on? Oh for the days when the media held the feet of public servants to the fire. When the media was actually the guardians of public trust and not the advertising division of the Democratic National Committee.

  8. Why are we not treating the virus in its early stages like the flu? It shortens the length and severity. We can treat ourselves at home. Catch it early! Stop vaccinating, it’s not helping and we don’t wAnt the side effects!

  9. The most “do nothing” administration ever. They only talk about what they are going to do, but have no plan to do it.


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