Far-left is Turning Against Biden

Joe Biden has been losing progressives ever since taking office.

He promised to deliver on their agenda almost overnight, but they have had very few if any, true victories since he came into office.

With the Supreme Court apparently getting ready to go after Roe v. Wade, the far-left has had enough, and now they are openly going after Biden for inaction.

We Are Done!

As much flack as the right takes, we have all seen how radical the far-left is in this country.

Unofficially, it is probably a safe bet that the far-left far outnumbers the far-right in this country as well.

An even bigger problem is that, unlike most conservatives, liberals fail to call out the radicals within their own party.

Not only are they targeting Joe Biden for his action now, but they are also putting a massive target on the head of Senator Joe Manchin (D-W.V.)…

Once that tweet got some grip, Mystal really started to go off.

He stated, “I will vote for Democrats, then criticize Democrats when they suck, then vote for them again, in a little maneuver I call ‘BEING CAPABLE OF UNDERSTANDING MULTIPLE F***ING TRUTHS AT THE SAME GODDAMN TIME.’”

After Psaki recommended peaceful protesting at the SCOTUS justices’ homes, Mystal again went off, seemingly hoping for approval for violent protesting (even though any protesting outside of a judges’ home to influence opinion is in violation of federal law).

Mystal seemed to start a movement on social media, with far-left liberals coming out in droves to go after Biden and company.

For instance, one tweet read, “It all always starts at the top despite people’s hero/savior-worship. Joe’s a good guy mostly, but he’s just too old and out of touch to give a hoot about our crisis it seems. Just like the DOJ, he says words, then goes about in la-la-land.”

I said this very early on during the Biden administration… just sit back and let this play out because, with the promises Biden made that we know he cannot deliver on, he is destined to have this party tear itself apart from the inside out.

Well, the first pieces have started to tear away.

Source: The Blaze

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