MSNBC Turns on Biden

After so many failed events in this presidency, the media is finally waking up to the reality of Joe Biden.

Ironically, however, it is the very failings throughout Joe Biden’s career they covered up and touted to get him elected that they are all exposing now.

The latest to fall out of line is Andrea Mitchell from MSNBC, who just crushed Biden during a recent segment.

Failed Foreign Policy

When Joe Biden ran for president, the media constantly touted his vast foreign policy experience.

The problem was they never really went into detail, only touting his years of service as a Senator.

The problem was that most of Joe Biden’s policy decisions on this front were wrong… horribly wrong.

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell stated that Biden’s “ego” seems to be getting in his way here, but why he would have an ego over such a failed career is baffling.

Obama’s former Defense Secretary, Robert Gates, also piled on.

According to Gates, Joe Biden has “been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.”

Mitchell added, “I actually think that Joe Biden has a great deal of ego and a great deal of confidence in the foreign policy ability and gets very defensive about some of the criticism from his past from people like Bob Gates, the former defense secretary who described him very coldly and critically.

“I don’t think that he sees himself being tested [by Putin].

“I think he feels that he is up to this task. And that it’s… Putin who will end up mired in Ukraine the way America was enmired in Afghanistan for 20 years.”

Guest host John Heilemann then challenged the anticipated response by the United States, asking, “If the stuff that’s in this letter takes place, the U.S. reaction is going to be sanctions? Is that plausible that that would be the U.S. response to war crimes, atrocities, human rights abuses on the scale of the type that’s outlined in this letter?”

Mitchell responded, “I don’t know how to answer that, because you’re right.

“This is Ukraine on the doorstep of Russia, and the president said in his interview with Lester [Holt] [that sending troops in] would be world war.

“That was two weeks ago. I don’t know how they would deal with it.

“But I would assume that … people … sent to camps … would be in Russia proper – and that would raise a whole new level.

“They’re not going to put them in camps in Ukraine, which is where they’re going to be involved in ongoing insurgency.”

Nobody wants American troops squaring off against Russia, but Biden’s response thus far has been deemed far too weak and Putin is clearly not worried about any of Biden’s plans.

Biden has put himself into a no-win situation here, and I really do not see any outcome that helps him politically unless Russia unexpectedly stands down and walks away, but I think we all know that is not going to happen.

Source: Fox News


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