Two Children Hospitalized in Tennessee Due to Formula Shortages

The first casualties of the baby formula shortage have started to roll in.

Two children in Tennessee were hospitalized this week because of the unavailability of formula needed for their specific diet.

The Biden administration was well aware of the looming shortage back in February but did nothing to address the issue until now.

Ride It Out

When the big recall was issued back in February, the threat of a shortage as supplies wore down was very real.

If anyone in this administration had a clue, measures would have been taken to import more formula.

This is a crisis that did not have to happen by any means, but nobody in the puppet regime has a brain, so here we are.

On the two children hospitalized at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital in Memphis, Dr. Mark Corkins, division chief of pediatric gastroenterology, stated, “These are young children who have health conditions and special medical needs that have specific dietary requirements.

“Their bodies did not adapt well to the new formula type and they required treatment via IV fluids and supplemental nutrition.”

Homeland Secretary Mayorkas has rejected the idea that this administration is putting illegal immigrants first, but that is exactly what is happening.

We have an average of about 166,000 illegals entering this country every month, many of them family units and unaccompanied children.

If they were not permitted to stay here, maybe the shelves at our grocery stores and pharmacies would look like the shelves at detention centers, which are stocked to the ceiling with formula.

One thing I am certain of… if you are an American citizen, regardless of race, color, or creed, this administration could care less about you.

Source: Fox News

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6 Responses

  1. You can see how worried our rulers are about their subjects. Biden keeps on praising his strategies while we sink deeper into a recession and now millions of infant’s lives might be in danger because of this failure of this so-called administration. To many it’s a mafia of power and money hungry people who don’t give one thought about the citizens that are supporting their luxurious lives while we the people suffer. Keep on voting Democrat and we won’t have to worry about anything because we receive our rations if we obey our leaders.

    1. As sick as this is all turning out, please tell me when our congress will be held accountable? I for one am very tired of seeing the rats make a shamble out of this country.

  2. We all know that the babies are being denied nutrition and it’s very harmful to their health because they grow so fast in the first year. This administration was fully aware of this at the beginning of the year and made no plans to solve the situation. And Biden administration is a failure again and again and again.

    1. So horrific. I want to know how Biden acquired SO much formula to send to the border; and why he hasn’t sent someone down to gather up some of it and bring it back for legal American babies… Does Joe ever think of Americans???

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