UK Omicron Hospitalizations Report Revised Down to 10 from 250

Remember that panic button that Prime Minister Boris Johnson was ringing earlier this week?

Well, it all seems to be for naught.

The massive hospitalization numbers he was touting over the Omicron variant were, well, fake news.

Just Slightly Less

Johnson was using the new variant to push booster shots, just as they have been doing here in the states.

The UK reportedly had the first death of someone with the Omicron variant, so Johnson decided to slam the panic button.

In addition to the death, it was also reported that hospitalizations were significant, only they are not.

UK Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab gave several interviews, updating the total throughout the day.

In his first interview, he stated there were 250 hospitalizations, but by the end of the day, it was down to 10…

So far as we have seen, the new variant seems to be proof that the virus is beginning to die off, or at least lose its lethality.

It is not odd for a new variant to be more transmissible, as our bodies have not yet adapted to it.

Even at this early stage, the fact that there is only one death and minimal hospitalizations are about as good as news as we could get on this front.

Just as the governor of Colorado stated this week, this emergency is over and it is time to get on with our normal lives again.

Are you worried about Omicron? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

Source: Breitbart

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17 Responses

  1. All politicians lie!!!! Why is this even news? They want us scared and looking to them for salvation! Good luck buddy, that is not going to happen. You can shove your virus up where the sun doesn’t shine while I continue living without the shots and without a mask!

  2. This is just the flu. I’m as worried about COVID and it’s variants as I am the annual flu. Not at all.
    Now the Political Terror, the coerced experimental gene therapy, and the world-wide fascism, all THAT is extremely frightening!
    But COVID? Not worried at all. Never have been to be honest.
    It’s the GOVERNMENT that scares me!

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  3. I believe this whole pandemic thing is a scam. It is designed to control the people. The so-called professional people like Dr. Fauci and Birx have a political agenda that they have been pushing. At the start, that agenda was to oppose and undermine President Trump. Then the Democrats took over in a dictatorial manner to shut down this country and control the people. Their pawns in the media were only too happy to create a level of fear that would cause the people to panic and follow the mandates of the politicians without and questions. Now that the reports have shown that the reality is that only 10 people instead of 250, the fear mongering should stop. It is more scam than reality.

  4. ENOUGH !!!! We are wise to all the lies and half truths that have been pushed upon us for the past two dam years !!! The criminal government of OUR country will NEVER be believed again and have totally lost any degree of trust that it might have had !!! LET ME BE AS CLEAR AS I CAN, THIS DAM PLANDEMIC, THAT WAS BROUGHT ON BY THE GOVERNMENT, IS OVER !!!! OUR GOVERNMENT IS FULL OF LIARS AND CRIMINALS THAT JUST WANT TO LINE THEIR POCKETS AND THE POCKETS OF THE CRIMINALS AT THE GIANT DRUG COMPANIES !!! THEY COULD GIVE A DAM ABOUT YOU AND ME !!! F**K THIS GOVERNMENT !! F**K JOE BIDEN !!! AND F**K YOU IF YOU BUY INTO THIS STUPIDITY !!!! I’M DONE !!!!! They can take their covid and their shots and go to hell with them !!!! LIARS !!!

  5. I believe that the Covid was started in the Wuhan Lab but the Delta variant was just the vaccine making people sick. This Omicron variant is very mild like the flu but it spreads fast. Dr. Fauci is finally admitting the truth about it all and he is one of the leaders on this stupid thing getting started. I think both the UK and US are trying to keep us under their thumbs for as long as they can. They don’t realize their people are getting fed up with up with all their mandates and having to wear masks or do anything that has to do with the pandemic. WE WANT OUR LIVES BACK AND WE WANT THEM BACK NOW!!!!! BOTH GOVERNMENTS ARE NOTHING BUT LIARS AND THEY CAN STOP DOING WHAT DEEP STATE WANTS. GIVE US OUR FREEDOM!!!!!

  6. I’m more afraid of something happening to Biden and having Harris take the helm, then any Covid fears!

  7. I only worry about things that I can control and since I Cann’t control anything I will not worry about anything the politicians say

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