United States Funding Border Security for Tajikistan AFTER Halting US Border Wall Project

When Donald Trump was in office, Democrats fought him tooth and nail on securing our border.

Had they allowed Trump to build the border wall the way he had wanted, we would not have thousands of Haitians walking across the border unchallenged at this very moment.

Even with all the problems, Trump was still able to rebuild much of the damaged wall and add some new wall to our border.

That all stopped when Joe Biden took office, halting a project that had already been paid for.

Why do we mention all this? Well, ironically, the administration has approved a project that will build new border facilities for another country along the Afghanistan border.

Build That Wall

Joe Biden is about to build a border wall, but it will protect another country, not ours.

One day after the botched Afghanistan withdrawal was “completed,” the U.S. Embassy in Dushanbe, Tajikistan, made a major announcement.

The United States will now help fund a border construction project along the Tajik-Afghan-Uzbek border.

Translation, American taxpayers are now footing the bill to build a border wall along the Tajik border.

The media has, of course, widely ignored the story, but Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) did not.

He called the use of taxpayer funds to build a border wall in another country “preposterous.”

He stated, “So we are clear: your tax money is spent building a wall and securing the border in Tajikistan and hydro-power in Afghanistan, but our borders are open and the last large hydro power plant built by Army Corp of Engineers in U.S. was in 1979.”

Just curious, as an American taxpayer, how does that make you feel?

Source: Just the News

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35 Responses

  1. If it’s true that we are funding a border wall in Afghanistan Biden should be hung in the center of DC.

    1. It’s true. Biden has also help fund other border walls in the Middle East but our Southern Border, forget it, its inhumane according to Biden and the Democrats. My message to Biden and the Democrats, your days are numbered and FU.K ALL OF YOU!!!

    2. What the f,,,”‘ this man should be held on treason
      Build our own wall first Americans security and we’ll bring he has broken our laws of people for less Jan 6 are being punished why isn’t Biden punished ?? Where are our highest judges??

    3. Biden can be impeached, if the Republicans enact the ‘War Measure Act’ against him.
      With all the illegals he’s letting in, they are a threat to National Security!

  2. This is unacceptable under any circumstances.
    We have serious problems on the southern border and until those are fixed and our border is secure, we have no business building border walls for other countries!

  3. Like I would like to slap the crap out of Congress. They hold the money, They are the ones doing this . Biden is only a scape goat. Get in touch with your Senators and Reps and tell them no way is that going to happen. Pelosi can take her little project and stick it where the Sun doesn’t want to shine. Tell the Reps to veto that money. Its not going to go to another Country. Biden has no clue what he is doing. Harris is just laughing out of Control. Pelosi and Schumer are about to get shut down— they are not sending money anyplace. She can take the new fence and shove that up her nose as well. We are done with this.

    1. We could send Harris back to India or Jamaica since she wasn’t born a naturalized citizen of the US. Besides, how did she and several other congressional representatives get to be in our government anyway ie Obama, Omar, AOC to name a few. I always believed you had to be born in the US to hold a federal office position. It’s time to get Biden impeached and get the rest of the democrats out of office including Biden’s cabinet and military leaders who are trying to take down our country. I pray to God everyday that they will pay for their deceitful and irresponsible work. Attention Congress: You were put in office by the citizens of the USA to work for the citizens of the USA not for yourselves. We will take you all out and take away your power sooner than later!

    2. Right Audrey .. we’ll get on it right away .. we’ll ALL write letter .. like these worthless bastards really give a f#ck about anything we’ll have to say .. 😖

  4. Absolutely furious…so many negative words and thoughts that would be erased or not published…Biden is a waste…and needs to be removed from office

  5. Have you ever heard the saying,”They ain’t worth the powder it would take to blow’em to hell”! That’s what comes to my mind when all this KRAP is going on in THIS CURRENT ADMINISTRATION!!! You can be sure of ONE thing: They are all HELL-BOUND, because the BIBLE says, “NO SIN CAN EVER ENTER HEAVEN”!!!

  6. When is enough. enough? This is BS! This administration doesn’t give a damn about American lives at all! When will this corrupt madness stop? Article V

  7. America just how blind are you. Or are you just going to be complicit. Wake up America and resist.

  8. A fence along the Tajik-Afghan border will prevent those poor Afghan interpreters who helped us who are still trying to flea Afghanistan. First, we did not get them out. Now we are trying to fence them in. Poor suckers.

  9. Pervert biden needs to be physically removed from office and locked up along with his corrupt administration

  10. The people need to rise up and demand changes. All these people coming into America should not have the right to vote for at least 7 years, we should learn from California and all the states should make ID’s a requirement and everyone should have to sign for their ballot. Then there would be less of a question whether citizens voted or not. Communist professors need to be purged from the universities. People need to wake up and demonstrate loyalty to the USA.

  11. If the Republicans were in office, impeachment procedures would already be started…This Regime has got to go!!
    They have created nothing but havoc …they know not what they do…yet, they ARE DOING IT TO OUR COUNTRY…and anything that goes awry, is blamed on Trump!! God, Have Mercy on America…they know not what they do!

  12. Time to hold all treasonous representatives accountable for their actions. Only 1 way and it is time for the march. Reaching out to all veterans, patriots, militias. time for a peaceful march to the most corrupt city in the world to let them know if this administration is not held accountable we will be back!!!!The oath that we took should have no expiration date.

    1. Sir,
      As a Veteran,
      Whom proudly and
      Volunteered myself, and
      My signature,
      To the God – honouring
      Military service
      Of THE United States Air Force.
      Straight out of High School
      In 1985.
      Was discharged
      In 1986.
      By the convenience of the government.
      Under that traitorous
      Gramm – Rudman Act of 1985, and…
      Amended into the Act in 1987.
      Authoured under the pen of Lindsey Gramm himself.
      Targeted 70,000 of us.
      Trimming the budget and
      Our precious Military
      For the sake of their budget
      ( Deep state code for padding their pockets full of filth.
      Leaving the rest of us
      To inhumanely suffer.
      As I personally recall, Patriot, Sir…
      So long as we BOTH shall live
      By the Almighty Grace AND Glory of God’ AMAZING Magnificent Presence…
      Of THE United States Government.
      Bound by an OATH
      That we BOTH took
      During our induction ceremonies.
      With our hands
      On God’s Love Letter
      Address to us
      ( THE BIBLE ).
      This nation
      From any AND ALL ENEMIES!
      ( Where’s my 50 cal? ).
      If you made it this far
      Into my encouraging reply to you,
      That oath we both took.
      With our hands square on The Bible.
      God’s Living and Breathing Word.
      Knows NO expiration date.
      It’s shelf life will NEVER EXPIRE!
      So long as we both shall live.
      So help us,
      May God totally AND
      Bless you AND
      Your family,

  13. Biden ain’t innocent.
    He’s as fake as a $2 bill.
    Guilty as sin.
    With blood on his hands.
    Here AND abroad.
    Both he and Obama have been fighting for that notoriously coveted and traitorous title of…
    The Antichrist.
    For that Dictator in Thief
    Funnel OUR hard – earned tax dollars
    To another country.
    Using our people there
    To build their wall.
    When OUR wall, of which
    Is already PAID FOR
    By BOTH the US
    Is not finished.
    Hang this bastard idiot
    In the middle of DC
    For ALL to see.
    Behead AND burn those evil traitors
    In BOTH The House AND
    Where they stand.
    Where ALL of these people are going,
    satan ain’t gonna have the room left
    In his cold, dark kingdom
    To store the many minions
    We’re gonna return back to him.
    In The Almighty,
    Precious, and
    Loving Name of Jesus,
    GET BEHIND THEE, satan.

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