White House ‘Up to Americans’ to Flee Afghanistan

Since the evacuation of Afghanistan, hundreds of Americans have been left behind.

Some have been brought home via private efforts, while others were recently able to board one of the commercial flights permitted to leave.

For those still behind, the White House is telling them that it is “up to Americans” to flee the Taliban-run country.

In other words, they are on their own.

Up to You

As we all watch the TV shows commemorating the horrific attacks of 9/11, there are some Americans hunched down, hiding in the darkness, hoping the Taliban does not find them.

They were left behind, and our government has done very little to help stranded Americans.

On Friday, an announcement was made about the government allegedly facilitating the evacuation of 19 Americans… 19.

In the same breath, the National Security Council (NSC) has put the onus on Americans to find their way to safety rather than rescuing them.

NSC spokesperson Emily Horne stated that it is “up to Americans who remain whether they choose to take them.”

She continued, “Today’s departures demonstrate how we are giving Americans clear and safe options to leave Afghanistan from different locations.

“A number of Americans have taken these options; some have decided not to, for a variety of reasons. That is their right.

“We understand these are difficult decisions. We will continue to provide proven options for leaving. It is up to Americans who remain whether they choose to take them.”

Her framing is deceptive at best.

People are not choosing to stay out of their liking… they are terrified to go out in public for fear of Taliban attacks.

These individuals should NEVER have been left behind in the first place, but this administration continues to spin this narrative to put the blame on the Americans still behind enemy lines.

We simply cannot rest until EVERY American is safely out of that country.

Source: Fox News

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49 Responses

      1. All USA citizens could possibly stop paying Federal Income Taxes until the southern Border wall along the USA-Mexican border is finished and President Trumps’ immigration laws are enforced, Forth-With. Then the DemoRATS would have to collect money from their illegal aliens to replace the money from the USA citizen-taxpayers.

      1. Amen L&L 1776 all over this stolen administration is worse than the British were 245 yrs ago. Time to unite.

    1. May the democrats reap what they sow! True Americans need to get this communist Democratic Party out and ban them from being apart of all this crap that they have done and continue to embellish against America. I pray every day the Biden and his train of radical communists will meet their end sooner than later. Biden is and has been crooked to the core and now with his radical group of idiots he’s proven even more so that he wasn’t and isn’t fit to even run a group of idiots as a president. Biden and all his minions belong in jail. God help us all if we don’t stop these lunatics.

    2. The Biden-Obama DemoRATS-Nazi-communists administration should be impeached or arrested and charged with treason, forth-with and tried by a military court non-wok .

  1. On this, 2o years after 9/11, We are back to square one. Biden has placed the World @ the Our Nation In Danger.

    1. I think we should take Biden, Pigloise, Shummer,Nadder AOC and her squad and whoever else is involved like Mr. Blinken over to Afghanistan and tell them they are their until all Americans and our allies are safe back here. But we all know that isn’t going to happen, nobody has the balls to do it

      1. Don’t forget Obama,Clinton,Soros,Pelosi n the list goes on ! When we had control that’s when we should have done more like treason n Soros should have been kicked out of this country so here we are n keeps getting worse day by day,GOD help us all,I continue to pray it’s in GOD hands,amen!

  2. Our government is showing an extreme lack of concern for Its” citizens. The USA used to be the nation that no one would fool with for fear of retribution. Tell the Taliban that if they harm one of our citizens they will suffer the pain of total hell. We should lay waste to entire parts of their country. We can do that. It just takes a president with some balls!

  3. Just an idea, why not have Biden, Harris and Pelosi take a brief flight into Afghanistan and then be told it is up to you to find your own way home. I wonder how they would like that?

  4. Amen to all those comments! We are losing our country and our freedom! Wake up everyone. Biden needs to be impeached!!! So does the VP!

  5. Do not even call this POS President. He is not the President since he was not legally elected. I still do not understand how these crooks are getting away with this. Why are the Republicans sitting on their laurels and not doing anything about this. We need people in Washington who have the balls to stand up for what is right for this country. I am totally upset at Mitch McConnell’ latest statement. He will not go forward with impeachment, but tell people to handle it at the ballot box. Are you that ignorant, look what happened at the ballot box in 2020. I surly hope the voters in your state will remember your stupidity at the ballot box when you are up for re-election.

    1. It’s because they have the majority,there is the HOUSE,the SENATE n the CONGRESS ,BODIES OF RULING GOVERNMENT n right now they own it in the two bodies so if Americans start realizing vote smart n bring back our Country where it belongs government must be for the people not for self gains for POLITICAL REASONS, SO if we are going to gain back our strength then we the people must get out n vote for the Politicians that have our backs ,which includes a strong Military,borders n legal immigration n a system that us safe by keeping our Police for our protection n we must all follow our Constitution ,let no man take it away so enough said I’m sure we what nothing less so get out n vote in 2022 ,its in our hands to make AMERICA TRULY SHINE AGAIN and don’t forget what’s happening with this government,only WE CAN TURN IT AROUND,VOTE SMART ,that’s the only way we will be winners again!❤️🇺🇸

  6. I like Tim S.’s thought(s), but will offer this addendum! Make the flight for BiDumb; Whorris; and Piglosi, a ONE WAY TRIP, and LEAVE ALL THREE in Afganistan AND return ALL US Citizen wishing to return. I’m have NO Doubt the Taliban would “ENJOY” having them there!!!

  7. Exactly Jim! How can we trust a fair election in 2022 when the Dems so blatantly stole the 2020 one and are gloating about it. I for one will not give a further nickel to Republicans until they start standing up for our rights, including McConnell.

  8. Most us feel the same way about this post, tells us plenty about our ” caring ” President and his cabinet into words…….We the American people are on our own…..if that is the case why do we need Biden running the ship? If they turn their cowardly backs on those Americans trapped in Afghanistan then
    does this mean they refuse to do the job they are paid to do ? Sure seems like that in a lot of things they don’t do……….come one 2022 !!! Better yet 2024 and keep the demands down WH one of these days you gonna put the public tooo far…..sad thought, love this country so to see it torn to shreds by radicals !!!

  9. I am not a war monger, a long shot from being one! I am; however, a pretty good judge of the deference between the weak and the strong. I believe many who are weak fall into two basic categories, those who are frozen and cannot act, and those who fearfully will act anyway if they are led. Our president, will not act without being advised, unfortunately, that places him in the will not act group, who as a result will take credit for the action of others, as if it were his own, or deny those actions, blaming them on others and circumstance beyond his control. He is supposed to act as the President, not as the front man behind the decisions of others. Let me offer two glaring examples: (1) He refused to remove all American Citizens and friendlies, which he is empowered to do, with America having had the capability to accomplish, without harm! 2 On the home front he is acting on the advice of powers behind the politics to act in a very un-American and un-Presidential way, bringing great harm to all in America, citizens or guests, I repeat great harm to those who he is sworn to protect.

  10. We were blind sided starting in 2000 or maybe prior and it has taken us 21 years to start to wake up! Sure hope we can get back in shape and get it back rolling quickly because the spoiled apples that started back in 2000 have made a lot of rotten apples now. They have exploited especially in the last 9 months forward!

  11. We need Trump in office to take care of these people heck he would have never done this crap like the idiot in the Whitehouse did

  12. We don’t have a legitimate government what so ever, we have a 1 ring circus with the radical leftists as the clowns and Biden & Harris as the ring leader and the hog crap butt kisser.

  13. Biden’s “Stab Americans in the Back” campaign seems to be working very well. We’ll just ignore anything Americans need, especially those stuck in Afghanistan or allow our own border states to be flooded with possibly “covid-positive” illegals what aren’t vetted. He thinks it’s OK to ignore Americans stuck in Afghanistan and tells border states that it’s up to them to provide border security and ignores our Americans “stranded” in Afghanistan and tells them they’re on their own. Biden has no problem letting illegals flood our own border or getting Afghanistani people of his choosing out of Afghanistan, but too bad for Americans stuck there. His lack of caring about Americans is deplorable!!! When I think that things couldn’t get any worse, THEY DO!

  14. It’s a REAL SHAME that the Interpreter for Joey DIDN’T LEAVE JOEY IN AFGHANISTAN When he was there.. It Would have Saved Us A LOT OF PROBLEMS NOW ! God BlessThe United States Of America !

  15. Biden welcomes immigrants including Afghans to our country. Immigrants from our southern boundary and bus or fly them to the interior. However, he turns his back on Americans left in Afghanistan. No American would want to live in fear of their lives everyday due to the terrorists Taliban.


  17. isn’t it obvious that the DemonRats are now allies with the Taliban, china, Iran..and all the other communists out there..their new enemy is the American citizen. all these terrorists and criminals they are allowing in are their new police force…it’s obvious to me!

  18. Man! What does china have on joe and hunter?
    I could make a list of who is running this country and it would exceed our borders!
    I just saw of a meeting with Soros, his son and Pelosi, The same George Soros that has been kicked out of 7 other countries but apparently quite welcome here by Pelosi!
    Folks, if you think 2022 is the answer then you forgot about the year and 4 months more they have to destroy this country and constitutional values bestowed upon this nation by God Himself!
    If we don’t stand up for God then He won’t stand up for us either!
    There definitely seems to be a change in the air whether it is Jesus breath or satans storm its coming soon, be ready spiritually and physically!

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