Hannity: US Adversaries Capitalizing on Biden’s Mental Decline

Biden’s obvious mental decline is about far more than his frequent gaffes.

Our longtime enemies are all seeing Biden’s problems, and they are all starting to pounce.

Sean Hannity has been ringing the bell on this for months, and he addressed it again during a recent segment.

Bigger Problems

Yes, it is embarrassing to have a puppet in the White House that can’t put a sentence together, but it is also very dangerous.

Our enemies are making big moves right now, and Biden still has yet to sit down at the table to start playing.

The moves made by the Taliban in Afghanistan after Trump left office were the first warning sign.

Since then, China and North Korea have made very aggressive moves.

The cherry on top of this nasty little sundae is Russia stockpiling troops at the Ukraine border.

Hannity stated, “The world is watching, our enemies are all watching.

“They see Joe Biden on the world stage. They see his weakness.

“They do not respect them, they do not fear him.”

He added, “Every hostile actor in the world is now preparing to take full advantage.

“They are looking to capitalize big time.”

You can see his full segment in the video below.

What do you guys think? Are our enemies taking advantage of Biden being in the White House?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Source: Fox News

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19 Responses

  1. Well BRAIN ROT BIDEN is too far gone in the mental aspect that he can not remember what he had for lunch today let alone remember the moves China N. Korea and Russia made this morning. So they will do all they can before BRAIN ROT BIDEN is removed from Office however Camel toes Harris will be no better !

  2. If we keep Biden as President and Harris as VP we are at the beginning of the end of our good country. Even the Democrats are running away from the President as they see what this person has done to our country. This is a shame what Biden and his dirty people have done.

    The other countries are taken advantage of our country because of our weak President. Biden is going to get us all killed before it’s over.

    I ‘d like to say more but what good will it do to people who will not listen?

  3. Our enemies are definitely taking advantage of sleepy Joe! They are dangerous but they aren’t stupid! Come on Republicans and conservatives stand up and fight back. To much talk and not enough action!

  4. Everyone in this country with half a brain knows how bad and out of touch this president is, and if you still support him, you’re the problem as much as he is. We’ve talked about Biden since he moved into the White house and started replacing all Trumps policies. Opening the borders, shutting down the pipe line putting over 11 thousand people out of work and so much more. We still haven’t decided to remove him from office and put someone it that can protect this country and its people. So what can we do to remove this president because of his mental capacity and inability to be the president this country needs. Who is next in line that we can trust, no one that I can see, so what and how do we fix this problem?

    1. Very good question. Harris is definitely not the answer and certainly neither is Pelosi. How bout the senator from West Virginia . He is the only dem I’ve heard in recent years with a head on his shoulders.

  5. Maybe Biden is so addle minded that he does not realize everything that is going on or how bad this makes him look, not that he would care anyway, but I am positive his “handlers” know exactly what is going on and it’s all according to plan! God forgive us all for allowing this evil to take a stronghold and attempt to destroy this once Blessed Nation! Please show us the light and the way to rid this Nation of this evil before it’s too late!!

  6. Let’s get that GD election decertified and get Trump back in there and get this mess cleaned up!
    If we don’t do something we won’t have a country!

    1. Wish it were so easy. The dems have corrupted every aspect of our government from the DOJ to the Dept of State to the FBI right up and down the ladder AND for this I personally hold Bill Clinton responsible.

  7. Things are beginning to become scary in this world and all Biden does is issue mandates to wear masks, get the shot or lose your job, he is going to down in history as the worst president ever about all we can do is trust in God because he has it under his control

  8. It is What it is with Biden. All yo have to do is watch him a couple times to know his mental capacity is declining daily. What is taking so long to replace him, but not with another like him. This includes Kamala, Pelosi or Schumer. Plus a few more. All Democrats!

    [email protected]
    Catherine Reasoner


  9. Russia and China and maybe N. Korea and Iran are going to do a co-ordinated attack on their various targets and totally overwhelm any possible combined US response. Good-by to the free world. My prediction.

    1. and you are not the only one saying this. The hole the supposedly voters dug to get this clown act in the White House gets deeper daily.

  10. Anyone who does not think that Russia, China, N. Korea, Iran and all the rest of America’s enemies are not working together on a combined attach on USA is completely asleep and brain dead!!!

  11. We must get Pres Trump back in the White House now…!!!!!! He is the only one these Countries are afraid of…We are in Peril…!!! GOD hep us they are comming fast….

  12. It is not that dementia jo is a threat to our country, it is the communist democrat pedophile racist cult party that put this puppet regime in power through fake mail in votes and phony elections!

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