US Base in Syria Under Fire Again After Missile Attack

Iranian operatives are getting antsy in Syria again.

For the second time in as many days, a US base in Syria has come under attack.

On Monday, reports surfaced of an unsuccessful drone attack.

On Tuesday, reports surfaced of a second base coming under missile attack.

No troop injuries have been reported.

Poking the Bear

An Operation Inherent Resolve spokesperson stated, “Multiple rounds of indirect fire landed in the vicinity of Green Village in northeastern Syria shortly after 9 p.m. Aug. 15, 2022, in the latest attempted attack on Coalition forces and our partners.”

There are roughly 900 troops in the area, mostly special forces operators.

The statement continued, “Several rockets failed to launch and were recovered by Coalition Forces and their Syrian Democratic Forces partners before they could pose an additional threat to the local population.”

Maj. Gen. John Brennan, the OIR commander, added, “Thankfully, on this occasion, there were no casualties and no damage reported.

“However, attacks like this risk both the lives of innocent civilians and important infrastructure due to their indiscriminate nature.

“The Coalition is proud to be a reliable partner in the efforts to maintain the lasting defeat of ISIS, and our commitment is unwavering despite these reckless actions by those responsible.”

We continue to see our enemies taunt our troops.

It is happening with Iran, Russia, China, and even North Korea getting in on the fun.

These are four countries that were mostly silent when Trump was in office.

So you tell me how Joe Biden is making this country safer.

Source: Fox News

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11 Responses

  1. I can’t believe that the forces didn’t shoot back. With the electronic that the forces have to had they should have been able to find the launch point and gave them hell. Am I missing something here or don’t you shoot back only if someone gets killed????????

    1. Screw the higher ups shoot back thats what we did in Nam. What are they going to do send you to a war zone.

    2. We have a bunch of criminals in our Government. They don’t give a hoot about anything except how they can get rich faster.

  2. It sure does seem like our side is waiting for casualties before they shoot back. Can’t believe that with all our technology we can’t figure out who’s shooting at us and be able to fire back. If we can’t even figure that out then we need to pack those 900 special operators up and get them the hell out of that cesspool.

  3. Hey Richard, The 3 Musketeers, Biden, Austin and Milley are the worst Military Leaders (not) in the history of our Country. They are weak, poor decision makers and determined to join the new world order. Americans will not tolerate such incompetent. They need to resign. They are destroying our Country.

  4. You don’t have them resign. …. You don’t ALLOW them to resign. _______ Impeach, try for treason, courts martial & jail. …. Those are better alternatives.

  5. Biden has done nothing but sell us down the river. He is the worest President ever and he he didn’t even win. All he has done the whole time he was in congress was lie, cheat, and steal , to help his family.

  6. The only thing scarry about biden is his cough and handshake when he is a chronic corona agent. No adversaries nor dictators of major countries fear him. They know he is a weakling. Jill has more “tanates” than biden.

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