ESPN’s Rachel Nichols Falls Victim to Cancel Culture

Rachel Nichols made national headlines earlier this year over the recording of a privately taped conversation.

In that conversation, she was upset that she was put on the backburner to further the career of a fellow female journalist who was also African American.

The move seemed as though it was being done to allow ESPN to look more diverse, and Nichols’ comments at the time were twisted to make her out to be a racist, and now she is out of a job.

Not Woke Enough

To be clear, at least in my opinion, Nichols never did anything wrong here.

She has been an exceptional on-air personality for ESPN as both a host and sideline reporter (at least until she went overboard pushing the social justice narrative).

She was all for diversity, but she did not want that diversity to come at her expense.

Had Nichols been failing at her job, it would have been different, but she was hosting one of the more popular shows on ESPN as well as loved by fans for her in-game reporting.

She remained popular even though she was ramming the new agenda of the NBA down everyone’s throats at every opportunity (one of the reasons I no longer watch the network).

Then the conversation was leaked, and she was made out to be a racist.

Nichols immediately apologized, clarifying her words (again, she NEVER said anything racist).

At the time, we reported on that story and I noted that Nichols only had one month left on her contract and I thought it was doubtful she would get it renewed.

My prediction came true, as noted by Outkick’s Clay Travis…

As Travis stated, “The lesson is clear: you’re either woke or you’re fired. You better keep your mouth shut unless you agree with far left-wing politics infiltrating sports.”

He actually got that wrong, though.

You not only have to be woke, but you can also never make a slip because even one small comment deemed to be out of line will get you canned, even when you are one of the biggest advocates of the woke movement permeating sports right now.

Sources: Fox News & New York Post

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12 Responses

  1. In a way, this isn’t such a bad thing. I mean it is for her, but now, maybe she can forget about being “woke” and wake up. This cancel culture is obscene. This is America and this is our culture. If you don’t like it, you are free to move to another country you think is better. To these unhappy people who try to use color or gender or religion as their excuse to be at the bottom, I say BS. Plenty of people with your color or gender or religion have made it to the top. Your problem is your own for being inept at whatever you are doing. Stop expecting the government to fill your every expectation. Work! If you don’t have a job you like, get the education you need to get where you want to be. Others have made it and so can you if you have a work ethic and apply yourselves. Criminal behavior will keep you at the bottom no matter what else you do.

  2. Rachel Nichols……maybe you should look at our great Flag. You are an American aren’t you? All of us have a different ancestry, but RACHEL, let me remind you, no race in America as we all share the same heritage.

  3. yes and the word N.I.G.G.E.R is an accurate representation of some! and I have to say that with my own personall experiences with the race!

  4. In my opinion it works both ways, liberals get there say & no consequences, but if it is conservatives you get fired!!! Liberals can ditch it out, but can’t they can’t take it.

  5. You are right and it has been that way for years, go to any government job and many are working and incompetent on what they are trying to do. Usually they have to ask the white supervisor the answer to your question.

  6. Hey news digest, you don’t post my commets ,but you post comments that use the N- word.
    What gives..

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