Video Captures Gun-wielding Thief Who Allegedly Killed Burger King Worker

It did not take long for criminals to act on the new laws about to be put in place in New York City by the uber-progressive DA.

The new DA in New York City got the bright idea that resisting arrest should no longer be a crime.

He also wants to put a cap on murder for a maximum of 20 years regardless of how horrific the crime.

Early Sunday morning, a crime happened that shows just how idiotic these new policies are.

Horrifying Murder

Kristal Bayron-Nieves was working the late shift at Burger King when her life was ended for no good reason.

A masked thief entered the restaurant around 1:00 a.m. this morning to rob the store.

The video shows him entering the store and waving a gun around…

That man would later allegedly pulled the trigger on the 19-year-old girl, killing her.

For what? $100… that is what he walked out of the store with.

Per the new DA, if police had shown up earlier and he had resisted arrest, it would not be a crime.

If police find him, he should be facing the death penalty, but the new DA will max him out at 20 years.

This beautiful young lady is gone, and Democrats are more worried about protecting criminals than they are the innocent victims of these horrendous crimes.

Sadly, this man got away and the police are now searching for him.

If anyone has any information leading to this man’s arrest, Crime Stoppers has a $3,500 bounty on him.

Would you ever travel to New York City? Who would? You walk down the street and you take your life in your hands.

Source: New York Post

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23 Responses

  1. This is sick. Why don’t New Yorkers ever learn. When you do what you’ve always done (elect Democrats) you’re going to get what you’ve always gotten.

  2. No one really cares about you being a tele-marketer when I’m reading about someone shot in cold blood what kind of people live there they see what the communist democrats have with refunding the police will they ever wake up this person’s family should sue for wrongful death

    1. Amen when lovers of people exceed lovers of money then peace will ensue. Moved from Rochester to go to Nam in 68 came back only for my parents funerals.

  3. New York, California and many other Democrat run cities will become ghost towns. Big businesses and attractions will either leave or close. Very sad that Democrats care more about criminals than the citizens or tourists.

  4. New York Leadership, mayor, wants no more tourists so the mayor can run the people that stay in New York any way he wants.

  5. This sicking, I hope they find the guy who did this and put him away for a long time, but I guess the DA in NYC will not do this he is to blame along with the liberals who have taken control of NYC

  6. Anybody that elects a democrat hasn’t got the brains God have a goose, and neither do the ones they vote for. They are evil, greedy, lying, thieves!

  7. I would not go to New York city if you paid me. If everybody stayed away they would get the message.

  8. This animal when he’s found should be executed on the spot. Come on people, its time to arm ourselves and rid this cesspool city of the scum of the earth.

  9. I live in South_Eastern Virginia. They show commercials for tourism to NYC. Declaring NYC is back! Come see the night life, plays, and fabulous shopping and dining. No mention of mugging, tourists getting shot, and random crime in the streets. Not to mention the covid restrictions. No Thanks!

  10. It is cause and affect. You end bail, shorten jail terms or eliminate punishment for crimes, there is no deterent.
    Democrats saw a whole new pool of potential voters in prisons. Just like they have done for years with minority groups.They pander to every group they can find that may vote for them. They have been promising blacks the moon for years with little to no return on the votes. I remember Obama phones and Obama bucks etc. they promise the moon but fall drastically short on follow through. Maybe the minorities will wise up and realize that the democrats are only using them for their vote. I doubt it but miracles happen.

  11. I live in California and a lot of businesses have moved to Texas. The people in California pretty much do as they like. I have no idea why the elite people wanted to go to New York. But, I listened to what you said about Cali and New York, and there is a connection to the way Democrats treat people in their Democrat states, and it is NOT good. It is almost like they want people to leave so they can redo New York and California.

  12. New York is Just another California , full of illegal, terrorist and a drunk power democrat mayor, I wouldn’t live in New York or California for anything. In fact I would be moving out as fast as I can , If I lived there, May one of these days New York will be Ghost town. and Cailfornia will end up out in the middle of the ocean, from earthquacks

  13. Looks like this new mayor is just a continuation of the DeBlasio regime, and with this new radical district attorney crime will run rampant and no one will be prosecuted. As long as there’s a democrat Governor and Mayor this city will continue to be a hell hole of crime and corruption. The only chance we have is to elect Republican conservatives to bring back civility to this once Great city.

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