Herschel Walker Announces Candidacy for Georgia Senate Seat

Well, the race for Georgia’s Senate seat just got a lot more interesting.

Trump-backed Herschel Walker has announced that he is running for office.

In announcing his candidacy, Walker stated that he “can’t sit on the sidelines anymore.”

Let the Fireworks Begin

Trump has been trying to get Walker to run for office for months.

Walker’s popularity was never a question, but he does have a spotty background, which is why some Republicans would have preferred he sat on the sidelines and just endorsed someone.

Walker was having none of it, however, stating, “Our country is at a crossroads, and I can’t sit on the sidelines anymore.

“America is the greatest country in the world, but too many politicians in Washington are afraid to say that.

“In the United States Senate, I will stand up for conservative values and get our country moving in the right direction.

“It is time to have leaders in Washington who will fight to protect the American Dream for everybody.”

Democrats will more than likely zero in on domestic abuse allegations that go back to the early 2000s.

Walker allegedly pulled a gun on his ex-wife and threatened her life as well as that of others.

There are also some questions regarding claims that Walker has made regarding his business ventures.

Walker recently stated that if he were to run, he would not let his past stand in the way of his present, knowing full well that these allegations will all come back up again.

The problem for Democrats, however, is that Senator Warnock (D-GA), who Walker would be running against if he wins the primary, also has skeletons in his closet regarding domestic abuse allegations.

Even with the past of Walker’s, most outlets have him immediately installed as the favorite in the primary race.

Some of the other notable candidates are Gary Black, Latham Saddler, and Kelvin King.

Former Senator Kelly Loeffler has not ruled out running as of yet either, so the field could get more crowded, but Walker obviously has the biggest name recognition of anyone on the card right now.

Source: Fox News

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13 Responses

  1. Go Herschel walker you got my vote it’s about time we have some strong Republicans in office not like the garbage there now

  2. Wish my state had someone like you running. Instead, we have “yes men” Hickenlooper and Bennett” and commie
    Polis. I hope and pray that the Congress flips and we get rid of Dumocrats and Rinos. I also pray that we as a country can last until 2022 elections. And the the election not be another faux election like 2020. If it is, we are doomed.

  3. We all have skeletons in the closet . Go Herschel!! Good luck , and I sincerely hope the black community wakes up and realizes that the conservatives have their best interest at heart more so than the two faced dimocraps . These “people” have no shame and will do anything to maintain power and subvert the American dream . They think of the American people as no more than step and fetch its . Peons , peasants , people to wipe their feet on .

  4. You take that ball and go for it! Our FL family will certainly be praying for you. GA will be greatly blessed with you in the Senate fighting for them! God bless and protect you and your family.

  5. You go Herschel! Best man for the job, and it is a monumental job! Everybody has a “past”. So what. Look at the entire Biden family, especially Hunter with his laptops. The Bidens have sold us out to the CCP. You are a perfect angel by comparison. All this DEMON-RATS need to be thrown off a cliff and let the conservatives run the country. I don’t live in Georgia, but if I did, I would back you 100 percent!

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