Walker Missteps Have GOP Panicking

It is no secret that Herschel Walker is struggling right now.

Although he has made up some ground, he seems to continuously step on landmines that prevent him from making up ground against Senator Warnock (D-GA).

Walker is behind by anywhere from three to 10 points depending on the poll.

Part of the problem seems to be Walker’s staff, as he is often unprepared for the political stage.

The GOP is getting worried, but they need to embrace the man and help him.

He Needs Help

Chuck Clay, a former Georgia state senator and state GOP chair, stated, “He needs help. He needs to be much better prepared because when Labor Day rolls around, he’s going to have to be able to articulate and do it consistently and do it coherently.

“He’s got himself two or three months. He’s a smart guy. But he needs focus.

“He needs to get that part of the campaign down. A Heisman Trophy isn’t going to bring him a victory.”

I agree completely, so let’s get the party behind him and get him the help he needs.

I have repeatedly stated that I believe Walker has a great name, but he is a weak candidate as he stands now, but that does not mean he cannot flip the script.

Thankfully, Walker is smart enough to realize he was in trouble and is revamping his team.

The good news is that he still has plenty of time, so these spring and early summer stumbles will not hurt him too badly.

If he can figure this out by the end of August and come into September swinging, I think he will destroy Warnock, who is a weak candidate himself, but he is persuasive, like a con man, so people fall for his act.

This seat is far too important, likely one of two seats that will determine if the GOP can retake the Senate or not.

So, GOP leadership, get in there and help this man if you want to take control again.

Source: The Hill

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