Wall Street Journal Pins Blame for Del Rio PR Disaster on Mayorkas

A single picture gets posted and it goes viral.

The picture is a deceptive angle, not intentionally, that makes it appear as though something far worse than actually happened.

Rather than investigate the incident, top officials in this administration jumped to the wrong conclusions.

I am, of course, speaking of the Border Patrol officers on horseback that were wrongly accused of whipping migrants.

The fact is, those migrants never should have been there in the first place and this entire incident could have been prevented.

The Wall Street Journal is now putting the entire debacle at the border regarding the Haitian immigrants on Mayorkas’ shoulders.

It Was Alejandro

Ironically, when supporting video of the incident was initially reviewed, Mayorkas took the agents’ back.

It was only after outrage from Biden and Harris that Mayorkas changed his tune.

His reversal was so drastic, he even told the media that the investigation would be wrapped up in days, when the agents would learn their fate.

Well, here we are, months later, and there is still no investigation that has been completed.

Or, more than likely, the investigation came up empty, so Mayorkas is trying to figure out what else he can pin on these agents.

However, as the Wall Street Journal noted, that was only one aspect of this complete and utter failure.

WSJ reported, “In August, as intelligence reports showed large groups of Haitian migrants in southern Mexico preparing to move north, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement planned to deport about 600 Haitians who had recently crossed the border.

“Alejandro Mayorkas, the Homeland Security secretary, signed off on the [Haitian] deportations, people familiar with the matter said. But he reversed the decision and ordered them released after immigration advocates flagged that the migrants were eligible for deportation protection since they arrived before July 29 [qualifying them for a prior Mayorkas welcome policy], the people said …

“News of their release spread on Haitian social media. A month later [in September], about 30,000 Haitians crossed the border near Del Rio, Texas, with thousands crowded under a bridge. Those later arrivals, who didn’t qualify for the temporary deportation relief, were subject to a large-scale deportation campaign. The U.S. sent 58 deportation flights to Haiti in September, up from two the previous month, according to public flight tracking data.”

To this point, the administration has done its best to blame the Trump administration for the disaster at the border.

For the most part, the mainstream media has allowed this narrative, so this is a major pushback on that front.

It’s a baby step by the media to hold this administration accountable, but at least it is a step in the right direction.

Sources: Wall Street Journal & Breitbart

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9 Responses

    1. FU.K BIDEN AND EVERYONE IN HIS CRIMINAL ADMINISTRATION. I just wish that Biden would drop dead already. He will, without a doubt go down in history as the most corrupt President in our countries history and second in line will be Odumbo.

  1. Mayorkas is just another CROOK, getting BIG BUCKS TO LIE! He should not be head of Border Patrol. He is just another Kamala. She does not do her job, he does not do his. If they done their jobs, AMERICA WOULD NOT BE OVERRUN BY ALIENS AND TERRORISTS! SHAME ON THE BIDEN ADMINISTRATION, GOD WILL HAVE A PLACE FOR YOU! TURNING YOUR BACK ON AMERICANS! GOD BLESS THE USA!

  2. That is correct. Biden is the one and he had all the other Idiots follow up on it. Including Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer and those on down the line. I still think that packing them in Buses and shipping them to Delaware might just be what we need to do. The Citizens that live around Biden might just not want that to happen. Nothing they can do about it. They wanted this Dementia Person in the White House and then if that doesn’t work. Then we need to spread the Illegals to Pelosi’ home and then to Mad Maxine’s home, some in Utah as well. Lets let the Democrats know we are not happy with their choice.

  3. Everylast dem in this administratiom should be tried for treason. They are a bunch of liers, thives, n cheets. 136 million REGISTERD Voters . 75million voted for President Trump. Do the’ math.

  4. Everything that goes wrong with the current administration is blamed on the prior administration which is mostly a load of bull the Biden administration is one of the worst if not the worst the sooner they are out the better

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