Warships Ordered to Stay in Mediterranean Due to Russian Tensions

Ever since Joe Biden took office, tensions with our top adversaries have been ramping up.

At the top of that list would be Russia’s aggression toward Ukraine.

With more and more troops amassing at the border and an invasion appearing imminent, our warships have been ordered to remain in the Mediterranean Sea to respond to possible aggressions.

Reassuring Allies

The move is an interesting one in that Joe Biden has already stated that he has ruled out the use of our military as a response to any Russian aggression shown toward Ukraine.

While an ally, Ukraine is not part of NATO.

So, technically, we have no commitment to defend Ukraine if Russia makes a move.

To that point, when Biden was recently asked about Ukraine and Russia, the most he appeared to be ready to do was hit Russia with sanctions, a move that has already been laughed off by Russian leadership.

Some believe this is nothing more than posturing on the part of Russia to ensure Ukraine does not join NATO.

Having said all that, our warships have been ordered to hold their ground and wait this out.

The move has been described as reflecting “the need for a persistent presence in Europe and is necessary to reassure our allies and partners of our commitment to collective defense.”

The group that will remain in place is the aircraft carrier USS Harry Truman, the cruiser USS San Jacinto, and guided-missile destroyers USS Bainbridge, USS Cole, USS Gravely, and USS Jason Dunham.

The ships were all in the area for tactical operations, but now they must remain there as a deterrent.

Latest reports have as many as 175,000 Russian troops amassed along Ukraine’s border.

There have also been reports that if Russia does make a move, it will probably happen toward the middle of January.

This is clearly something we must keep an eye on.

If Russia does make a move, Biden’s entire presidency will be on the line based on how he reacts.

Source: New York Post

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19 Responses

  1. PLEASE WAKE UP AMERICA! When BIDEN was VP under Obama they simply let Russia come in and seize CRIMEA while the world saw Russian anti aircraft batteries take out a Malaysian Airlines jet departing from AMSTERDAM! BIDEN WILL DO NOTHING! By keeping all our military distracted in Europe, China has less to worry about in Asia and can make an invasion of TAIWAN A FAIT ACCOMPLI BEFORE THEY CAN BE STOPPED! MEANWHILE EVERY COUNTRY WHO IS BEHIND IN THEIR NATO DUES HAD BETTER PAY UP OR THEY MAY BE INVADED BY RUSSIA AS WELL! First Russia will turn off the NG going through Ukraine into Europe through the pipeline Biden approved at the same time he was shutting down our XL pipeline! The Ukraine is “the BREADBASKET” of Europe, and Russia has ALWAYS WANTED IT! PLEASE REMEMBER THAT STALIN STARVED 6 MILLION UKRANIANS TO DEATH IN 1927 WHILE HE SHIPPED WHEAT FROM RUSSIA TO THE WORLD! THE WORLD DID NOTHING AS THE ALLIES KNEW THEY WOULD NEED THE USSR TO FIGHT THE NAZIS! THIS IS A DISTRACTION TO ALLOW CHINA TO MAKE IT;S MOVE!

    1. I agree with you! Our government is doing nothing to help stabilize foreign policy. Aggressive world powers are laughing at us.
      May I copy and paste your comment on my facebook page?

    2. Let’s not react to hastely! This is exactly what the Deep State wants Russia to do is to invade Ukraine! They did the same during Obama’s disasterous reign! Deep State needs another story to push them New Green Deal and world agenda! They want the Great Reset to depopulate the world! Another War they need! It won’t happen! Putin is smarter they Biden and The Deep State! The Patriots are in Control! They control the outcome to Unite all of America!

  2. This isn’t simply a way to insure that the Ukraine does not release infoon the biden connection, is it? Biden and his druggie son have ornered themselves with their every ountry is a mark…….. and it is coming at then veryvery hard. IMO. But then, on the other hand, war is profitable for politicians, i guess.

  3. WHAT CAN I SAY? We are screwed as long as Biden/Harris, DEMWITS IN THE HOUSE and SENATE, POOR DOJ, FBI, and CIA, and NO SUPERMAN or BATMAN when you need them!


  4. I was just recently thinking that as bad as things are going for Biden, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him drag us in to a war to take the focus off of his many failures. Let’s pray cooler heads prevail until we can turn Biden into a lame duck next year.

  5. Biden will do a LOT OF NOTHING . . . as he is completely “Worthless”, as our Commander an Chief !.

    1. Hey! The poor “Old Timer” appears to be suffering from advancing dementia and half the time I think he doesn’t know whether he is coming or going. He’s at the mercy of his “handlers” who appear not to care about anyone or anything other than getting their political desires met.

      1. Sgt. Preston, I believe you have the best take on this. We the People are behind an eight ball until we can get that dolt out of the WH.

      2. I have great empathy for those suffering from all forms of dementia, but I just can’t bring myself to feel sorry for that man, and I use the “man” term loosely.

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