Was Jerry Nadler Sleeping During Hearing?

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) has been a bit of a firecracker since taking office.

She has no problem sending out controversial tweets.

Just seeing her tweets about Alec Baldwin was proof of that.

But she also gets some good zingers in, and her tweet about Rep. Nadler (D-N.Y.) is a great example.

Wake Up, Jerry

Nadler has provided some pretty epic videos as of late.

Last year a video of him went viral when it looked like he may have soiled himself on the podium.

Boebert caught him in what appears to be a quick catnap during a hearing.

This is far from the first time we have seen this…

The House Judiciary GOP also picked up on it and took a jab at Nadler…

Perhaps Jerry was a little tired from his big battle with Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH).

In an epic exchange, the two of them went at it when Nadler refused to allow Republicans to play a video of angry parents at a school board meeting…

Nadler also spent some time disciplining several Republicans for not wearing their masks during the hearing.

Just another fun day in the House.

Source: Fox News

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31 Responses

  1. Nadler is not only fat, he’s ugly and a liar. It’s better for everyone if he sleeps rather than talk

  2. he is still pissed he never got picked for the dodge-ball team in Grammar school and is now making America suffer for it

  3. I can hardly wait to see “OLD NO NUTS NADLER’S” OBITURARY, right along side of “FULL OF SCHITT SCHIFF’S” !!!
    The sooner somebody sends these fools to hell, the better !!!!

  4. Nadler is to old to be serving and he is to heavy to be effective in making a point about anything. Pretty soon he will fall and injure himself and his tenure in Washington politics will be over till his lights go out for ever.

    1. How do we get politicians in office that are worthless? How do they manage to hide so much?

      1. The 2020 election is proof that all it takes to get these belly crawling liars and cheats elected is the willingness to cheat and the blindness of their followers.

  5. Half these elderly many term politicians turned to politics to get rich without working. Only President Trump lost money during his term…..he did that for America. All the rest of them are at the age they need to go to nursing home or “other” private facilities. The democrats are destroying America and most of the Republicans are either still trying to get rich or don’t have the backbone to help Thump as he helps to built back. I have lost faith with any politician.

  6. What has this man done for the people of his state?All these useless parasites in the government should be replaced by competent, godly men and women who want to help the people ,not want to just like their pockets.People of America start voting for biblical principles and not party..Before you vote for a person ask them to publish what they have done to make America better and fact check before you commit your vote to another liar

  7. How can the Jewish voters keep electing someone as pathetic as this person to represent them ? You would think that their history would have been more than enough to want them to make much smarter choices! Guess they have even forgotten history!

  8. What else does this azzhole do. Let’s see, he has already pooped his pants, now he is sleeping!!!! Does he floss his teeth also?

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