Reporter: What Are You Afraid Of?

The media is finally coming after Joe Biden and he does not like it one bit.

On Thursday, after signing legislation, Biden again refused to take direct questions from the media.

One question in particular, however, really got Joe’s attention.

The look of pure fear on his face as he finally realized nothing is off limits any longer.

Scaredy Cat

Biden had just signed the “Ocean Shipping Reform Act of 2022.”

After Biden signed the legislation, a reporter asked about Russian sanctions.

The journalist shouts, “Why haven’t you sanctioned Russian oligarch Elena Baturina who did business with your son?”

Biden just offers up a blank stare, clearly hearing the question but having no idea how to answer it.

In case you did not know, Hunter was given $3.5 million by Baturina when Joe was serving as the vice president under Barack Obama.

Biden then gets up and starts to shake hands when the media really unloads on him, demanding to know what he is “afraid of.”

Biden has all but refused to sit down with the media, having only two press conferences all year so far.

His last interview was a joke, a sit-down interview with AP with a journalist that allowed Biden to ramble on about anything with zero pushback.

I am more concerned about that blank stare, however, by a man that had to be brought back down to earth with a tap on the shoulder.

How can anyone possibly have confidence with that puppet sitting in the Oval Office?

Source: Daily Caller

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16 Responses

  1. Most Pathetic President in History as well as Corrupt Family! DOJ does absolutely nothing! Our Great Country is going in the he wrong Direction since Obama and Biden have been in Office, So Sad and Disrespectful to the American People!

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    1. I still think Obama is running the show. I believe Biden is Obama’s puppet. I have been wondering if Obama is the Satan in the Bible. When he took office is when everything started going downhill the FBI became crooked so has the DOJ cdc and he is setting the stage for America to be destroyed and it will be

    1. Biden was born with a gene that makes him so crooked he will run his family as a mob and screw anyone he can to get ahead. Now he is even sicker with brain malfunction. Biden must be stopped, he is completely out of control. Time for nursing home.

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  3. Why does a man that is SO incompetant allowed to remain in office?
    He needs to submit to a coginent test that requires the truth to come out. Then put someone in the oval office that is fit to serve. It CERTAINLY isn’t Biden!!
    Right now our country is being run by whoever is pulling Biden’s strings!!
    Biden needs to be in a mental facility for the aged!!

    1. “Why does a man that is SO incompetant allowed to remain in office?”

      A very commanding and honest question the answer to which somehow remains elusive.– in spite of supposed Constitutional remedies legally available? The agenda of a career politician coupled with a decaying mental acumen (the latter being a recurring social problem for many a senior citizen) is a gargantuan problem, the remedy to which remains arcane via political conundrums.

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  5. He won’t answer any questions unless his handlers okay it and give him the answers. That is why the blank stare at the question from the reporter. He had no answer written down for it so he didn’t know what to do. If this isn’t the saddest set of circumstances for our country to be in I don’t know what could be worse.

  6. Biden’s angry outbursts are due to his dementia. I’ve worked with patients just like him. Biden needs to be in a contained environment for elder care. Jill Biden is sick as well. She puts him out in public just because she can. Joe will not live very long unless he is sheltered with medical professionals who can deal with his dementia. It is sad for him, his family, but most of all, for our country.

  7. Slidin’ Biden is about as pathetic as it gets! The real president is whomever has control of his TelePrompter! Besides the old goat is one diaper change away from Sunny Acres
    Senior Care! FJB and the horse he rode in on!!

  8. Thanks , Sal,Lynn and Katy. You hit it right on the nose !!! Said it perfectly !! He doesn’t seem to know that he’s supposed to answer questions ! A … puppet … is right We’re all laughing. and they don’t seem to care. !!!!!

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