Navy Commander Whistleblower Demoted

Tell on Joe Biden, you get fired or demoted.

That is the plight of Cmdr. Robert Green Jr., the executive officer of Maritime Expeditionary Security Squadron EIGHT.

Cmdr. Green was the one that filed the initial complaint about the Navy rubber-stamping religious exemptions for the vaccine mandate.

After the judge that issued the stay on the order cited the Commander’s letter, he found out he had been relieved of his command.

Get Out

In relieving the Commander, the Navy stated, “On January 7, Capt. Jeffrey Grant, commodore, Maritime Expeditionary Security Group Two (MESG-2), relieved Cmdr. Robert Green, executive officer, Maritime Expeditionary Security Squadron Eight, for loss of confidence in his abilities to perform his duties.

“Cmdr. Kevin Witte-Hunt, chief staff officer, MESG-2, is temporarily assigned as executive officer until a permanent relief is identified.

“Green has been reassigned to Maritime Expeditionary Security Group Two.”

Green’s letter was at the center of this entire investigation, also being used by House and Senate’s respective Armed Services committees, under the Military Whistleblower Protection Act.

When the Navy was asked if the firing was related to the letter, the Navy responded, “The Navy doesn’t discuss ongoing litigation matters.

“We don’t have anything to add at this time.”

I continue to back to Lt. Colonel Vindman and how he was treated like a hero for circumventing the chain of command, yet all of these officers are losing their jobs simply for putting a spotlight on broken military policies.

It is embarrassing, quite frankly, that our government is treating these service members so horribly just to push this vaccine.

Republicans need to get off their seats and do something about this NOW!

Time to start writing letters and making phone calls. Reach out to your local Representative and Senator to ensure these officers are treated fairly and do not lose their careers over this ridiculous mandate.

Source: Just the News

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22 Responses

  1. Welcome to the USSR! In soviet Russia, he would have been shipped to Siberia and starved or beaten to death. Here we are a bit more human, he only lost his job and any chance for any advancement. He might just as well quit before he loses his pension as well. This is incredible – anyone who tries to speak up is punished! We might just as well not have the First Amendment since this administration doesn’t acknowledge it. I hope they will all burn in hell!

  2. There are four (4) ads on this discussion that are scams. They all lead to the same website with the heading, “she only had a month to save her family’s home from the bank.” The first two screens (pages) are the sales pitch with fake testimonials. The third page asks for the reader’s personal and bank information. Through all three pages there is no mention of a product or service that they are recruiting for people to sell. Therefore, it appears to be a phishing scam. I have asked a few times about what product they are selling or what it costs to get in on the action. I have not received one reply. This is a scam!

  3. I agree with you, I hope the whole democratic party gets burned out of the Capital and sent straight to hell, that’s where they belong. THEY ARE ALL ROTTEN TO THE CORE

  4. Who is in charge at the Pentagon? Whoever it is is a disgrace to our military. He or she must be a totally leftist/communist doing his best to make our country weak and vulnerable to our enemies. It makes me want to cry. Whoever you are you should be ashamed of yourself for not standing up for our military.

  5. If they can do this to our respected, hardworking, patriotic military people. Just imagine what they are going to do to the rest of us. Proud people of this beautiful USA. Scary thought…

  6. This scam stuff does not pertain to the comments on the issue of the crap that biden is pulling on our military so if you arent going to comment on the military issue don’t post garbage that I a scam come on Republicans knock biden down off his high horse and don’t let him treat our military members the way he is .

  7. The cost of speaking up , saying something, doing something
    you will not be popular
    when the titanic sank , there was plenty of time and all could have been saved

    but the pleasure seakers, elite groups of fools wanted to believe the lies , instead of the facts
    the same is today
    the fool has said in his or her heart there is no GOD , that is what is going on
    they the fools will not accept truth
    money, power , control is all they want

    utopia , that cannot happen due to the wicked heart of every man, woman , child

    born in your nature

    not something you just wake up doing , but in the true dna

    by the way , the shot s , nazis are trying to change you , your dna , your GOD given nature

  8. You liberal backing p ants, better figure out a way to get the draft restarted, the volunteers are not going to be there.

  9. I guess the Navy doesn’t like it when someone airs their dirty laundry, well none of the services like it when this happens

  10. Makes you wonder how integrity got lost because Navy crackpots sunk to such a low. It has become apparent that a non deserving president is ruining American security and making a mockery of our law enforcement and military. Bioden and his administration are bad for our nation. Remove the scum.

  11. Until Biden and all his cronies are dealt with and gone this will keep happening. If this keeps happening there will be no defense for the United States.

  12. Well ;
    With that said I could make a list of people who should be relived of there duties do to the loss of confidence in there abilities to perform there duties
    Starting with Biden, Austen, Miller , you need to look at the top commanders
    No ballls just like donkey joe this thing about the shot it is about money over life they all have stock in the big drug company’s

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