White House Informed Taliban Overtaking Afghan Cities

Joe Biden’s lack of planning regarding the withdrawal from Afghanistan could be one of his biggest blunders, and that is saying something.

After two decades in the area, U.S. forces literally turned off the lights and left without notice.

Now, the Taliban is gobbling up territory with little resistance.

Taliban in Control

The irony in all of this is that Biden was critical of Trump’s plan and stopped the withdrawal to work up his own plan.

His administration apparently decided it would be better to leave without notifying allied forces.

It is now widely believed that Afghan forces were ill-prepared for the troop withdrawal, and the progress made by the Taliban is proof of that.

In just a matter of days, Taliban forces have reportedly seized control of six major cities in Afghanistan.

Among the cities that have fallen are Sar-e Pul and Aibak.

The Taliban has confirmed it now controls those cities as well as confirming that Mazar-i-Sharif is next on its list.

It has now gotten to the point that United States citizens have been warned to leave Afghanistan as soon as possible.

Fox News discussed this debacle during a recent segment…

I can say with utter certainty that if Trump were still president and this was happening, it would be all over the news and Democrats would be screaming from the high heavens.

Republicans have been shockingly quiet and try to find this story on nightly CNN broadcasts.

Two decades of fighting by our troops has been completely flushed down the toilet in less than a few months by this administration.

Source: New York Post

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13 Responses

  1. Mr. Biden has not broken his record of always being wrong on every foreign affair decision.

  2. He’s not only been wrong on every foreign policy decision throughout his pointless career but so far he’s been wrong on EVERYTHING he’s done – LITERALLY EVERYTHING. He opened our borders, he destroyed jobs, he has destroyed our economy, he erased twenty years of work in Afganistan, he has deeply divided the country and brought racism raging back to the forefront, and he completely screwed up all the work that President Trump did on vaccines and the pandemic. It amazes me that ANYONE in this country thinks that old, demented waste of flesh is doing a good job at anything but speaking incomprehensibly and making his family richer.

    1. Allowing CCP and Bill Gates to begin buying up farmland and pork growing and processing plants in the USA.
      A few years ago the failed United Nations put out a notification to America, that because of our food growing and processing abilities are so good, it is our responsibility to feed 3rd world countries.
      The United Nations has a dream and desire to become the World Government.
      Let’s get out and kick them out of our Country

  3. I had family murdered there from the Bush attack on oil. All the young blood in vain. Do to a treasonist fake and a fraud. All stand by and do nothing to a rest and prosecute all of them !! I try but can not stand alone !!!

  4. Just like VIETNAM all of the LIVES LOST were for NAUGHT once DEMENTIA JOE BIDEN BECAME PRESIDENT.! Wonder what he will tell the families that lost loved ones there for nothing ?

  5. Maybe? You know obutthead supports the Taliban, and isis as well! Dopey joe is just along for the ride. He is obama’s Stooge, and Obama is using him to destroy our country from the inside! He needs to be arrested for treason and face a military tribunal, right along with Piglosi, Schumer, the squad , swalwell, and others. Time to drag out the trash from our White House, congress and senate and get Trump back in office where he should be.

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