White House Put Dems on Notice CBO Score Will Not Be Good

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) is expected to release its full review of the $1.75 trillion reconciliation package on Friday.

Rumors that the report will not back Biden’s narrative that the bill costs nothing are already surfacing.

So, Democrats are bracing the party to completely ignore the report and continue to push the zero-cost narrative.

They Are Wrong

So, here is the decision the American people have to make.

Are they going to listen to an office that is generally heavily relied upon for budgetary costs or are they going to listen to a bunch of snake oil salesman (of course, I am referring to members of Congress)?

The fancy accounting work that Democrats have done to try to zero out this legislation is being exposed.

In fact, CBO chief Phillip Swagel has already come forward to say that the $400 billion Democrats claim will be raised by tax loophole closures will only generate about $120 billion.

Ben Harris, assistant secretary for economic policy at the Treasury Department, is already starting the new narrative that Democrats will try to push.

He stated, “In this one case, I think we’ve made a very strong empirical case for CBO not having an accurate score.

“The question is, would they rather go with CBO knowing CBO is wrong, or would they want to target the best information they could possibly have?”

Harris is not only calling out the CBO for being wrong but also every economic group that has evaluated the plan, including the Wharton School of Business, which found the plan falls short by $468 billion in expected revenue ($223 billion short of paying for the entire bill).

So, everyone that specializes in this type of evaluation is wrong, except for the people Joe Biden put together.

The other aspect of this that Democrats seem not to grasp is the short-sighted nature of this claim.

If they try to discredit the CBO now, the door is wide open for Republicans to do the same when they get a CBO score they do not like.

They would be far better taking their lumps and either cutting that money out or simply stating they will try to figure out another way to pay for the legislation.

To be honest, even if the bill did come out to a break-even point, the chances of everything holding true they need to hold true for that to happen are slim to none.

The American people are getting hosed by this administration, yet the entire party continues to double down on these bogus narratives.

It is exactly why dozens of Democrats are going to find themselves out of work come January 2023.

Sources: New York Post & Daily Caller

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11 Responses

  1. Whoever is guiding Biden is in need of a guided tour of American cities, working businesses, and those who earn a living! They must think we are too stupid to realize what they’re doing. They should try working for a “living” and raising a family!

  2. Just another money laundering skeem from Pelosi .the democrats have already proved they couldn’t care less of the American people .u see how they used blm against the public just to get the black vote. The dems have blood on their hands and they know it.

    1. They Are Blatantly Committing Treason Right In Our Faces And The Best We Can Do Is Suffer? Just Like Clinton They Will Walk Too With All Their Riches.You Would Think America Would Do Better.?

  3. Do they honestly think we just came off of a cabbage truck??? They can look at us & just flat out lie & think we will believe our lying eyes??? The CBO is who can tell us the actual cost of something g. That is their job.

  4. I Have Always Said… “Give a Liberal Enough Rope, and He Will Hang Him(Her)self ” They Have NEVER had to run a business for a profit or to be competitive for a living ! They ALWAYS Spend Other Peoples Money ! (Foolishly I Might Add) !

    1. A trillion dollars is a lot of money, it is the number one followed by 12 zeros.. Each paper bill is .0043 inches thick. If you stack 10,000 bills on top of each other, the pile will be 43 inches high. If each bill is $100, this stack is one million dollars (six zeros). To make a trillion dollars you need a total of 1,000,000 similar stacks, count the number of zeros. You now have 43,000,000,000,000 inches. Now divide this number by 12 to get the number of feet, then divide this answer by 5280 (the number of feet in a mile). The answer is the total number of miles 678.6616 miles high, which seems to be a very big sum of money, which how much one trillion dollars would be.

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