White House Refuses to Give More Information on Drone Strike

Our military has the ability to drop a bomb into a spot about as big as a quarter when it so deems.

When we conduct military strikes, collateral damage is unacceptable, especially when it comes to children.

Yet, this administration approved of a strike that took out an entire family, including seven children, and it refuses to acknowledge as much.

It’s a Blatant Coverup

When the retaliatory strike took place in Afghanistan, the White House only told Americans that it took out high-profile targets.

If it had, we would have had their names, but that was not the case.

I said at the time and still believe that these were low-level targets meant to spin a positive news cycle for Biden.

The strike also took out an entire family, including seven children, the youngest being a 2-year-old little girl.

Believe me, the White House knew this the moment the strike took place, but it failed to report those details.

The only reason we ever found about it was because of ground reports from friends of the family that were killed, at which point the mainstream media had no choice but to investigate.

Yet, the White House continues to be coy with details.

Laura Ingraham reported on this during a recent segment…

This is not okay… period.

Biden must be held accountable for this, and the White House must be more transparent on what is going on right now.

Sources: CNN & Fox News

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13 Responses

  1. Most likely just a stunt to try to save face after they created this whole mess, they can’t give facts when there are none.

  2. If the Media didn’t show it, then it didn’t happen. If it took out an entire Family, you would think that maybe some other Republican Governors would have checked on it out. It would sound like something the Taliban would do, not the USA. Remember that the Taliban has the stuff that Biden left behind. So the Taliban can do all kinds of things with the batches of stuff Biden left behind. He is too out of it to issue orders . These orders could have home from some other person in the White House.

    1. Oh my, what in the world are you talking about?? Republican Governors would had checked it out?? They don’t have the authority too “CHECK IT OUT.” Go back to doing laundry or something more up your alley.

    2. Or these orders could have been issued from one of the “Deep State” people who falsified evidence and lied to get Trump impeached.

  3. who believes anything that these people says the only thing I want to know is how many of our people did they leave over there and how are they going to get them out also who is going to pay for all the equipment that was leftover there and not destroyed also whos going to jail for that terrible screwup and when is the morons going to be put out on the streets

    1. They will never tell us how many they abandoned to be killed by the Taliban. Likewise, they will never tell us the actual value or the true nature of the weapons they left as a gift from Biden to the Taliban to be used against us and our allies, if we have any left.
      You don’t understand, they are Democrats.

  4. This is misdirection news to cover up other things they don’t want on the front page! If women and children were killed it was because they were being used as shields. War is hell and if this is war, terrible damage is going to happen. Our Marines were killed, many people injured, a terror must be instilled in these terrorist monsters that their actions will cause much more Dear loss to them and their families. Any other recourse would be total annellation of one of their cities. We did it to Japan it could happen here!

  5. The Whitehouse and the DEMOCRATS are a JOKE. They don’t care about the people or our Country. They only care about them selves. Biden and The Democrats should be held accountable for this mess. He is worthless for a President. Biden and The Democrats should all be impeached for this. They should all be brought up for Treason. Our Real President Trump would have gotten all the AMERICAN OUT FIRST AND ALL THE EQUIPMENT . THEN GET THE AFGANS OUT NEXT. WE NEED PRESIDENT TRUMP BACK IN WHITEHOUSE BEFORE WE DON’T HAVE A UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

  6. If all and everyone it seems knows the truth about this administration that is in the White House why do We not stand up right now. As millions of citizens don’t like what is going on they we have the right to stop it. If you care about the lives in your family you would. This is only the beginning of your future. Now is the time to show your strength as a unit. No burning no guns and no more lies. The power of our presence will demand that the liars, thieves, murders and a man made pandemic is over when the evil people who stand as head of our nation are removed. I know that as one we will be under Gods guidance.

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