Fox News’ Juan Williams Calls for Justice Breyer to Retire in Op-ed

The fact that Justice Breyer is not ready to retire is really starting to eat at liberal pundits.

They are all terrified that if Breyer does not retire far enough before the 2022 election, Republicans could take back the Senate and delay any Court appointments until after the 2024 election.

While the concern is understandable, the attacks against Breyer are not, with the most recent coming from Fox News’ Juan Williams, who penned an op-ed for The Hill that was utterly disgusting.

Williams Goes Radical

Prior to Trump taking office, Williams was a bit more level-headed, but that has all changed.

Honestly, were he not a minority himself, some of the articles he was penned lately would be slapped with a racist tag, most notably an op-ed he did about Senator Tim Scott (R-S.C.).

The article about Breyer was just as bad, demanding Breyer step down because of the court’s current makeup.

There is obviously always an ideology edge on the Court, but the fact that conservatives now have a 6-3 edge is driving people like Williams mad.

Democrats and pundits like Williams have now started pushing the talking point that the Court is “out of whack,” yet we have yet to see a decision handed down to prove that true.

In fact, conservatives have been more upset about decisions with Trump’s appointments than liberals!

The real problem with the Williams article, however, is that the only case he makes is political, not whether Breyer can still do the job or if he is ready to step down.

Williams wrote, “Breyer is 82 years old. If he leaves the court now, he will be replaced by a Biden nominee who would likely be confirmed with the votes of 50 Democrats in the Senate aided by the tie-breaking vote of Vice President Harris.”

Ironically, Williams’ main point for replacing Breyer is political, the very thing he slams the Supreme Court for having become over the last decade.

By recent decisions, regardless of the current ideological slant toward conservatives, this court has proven to be about as balanced as we have seen in decades.

All three Trump appointees have crossed the aisle and Chief Justice Roberts is a wild card in every case.

As long as Breyer is healthy and capable of doing the job, there is simply no reason for him to step down other than pacifying the left.

His situation cannot be compared to RBG because she had significant health problems over the decade of her career, problems that became more pronounced during her last few years on the bench.

We would love to hear your opinion on this matter, so let us know… do you think Breyer should step down so Biden can nominate his replacement or allow him to continue until Breyer decides the time has come to retire?

Source: The Hill

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33 Responses

  1. Juan Williams is an idiot of the highest caliber and should not be allowed to spew his brand of crap!

  2. Breyer should not step down as long he is healthy and doing his job.

  3. Juan needs to keep his opinion to himself because Breyer is not ready to retire, he doesn’t need the Dems to make him to get their way. Juan needs to get off FOX with his stupidity of being Anti American and a King Joe follower.

  4. Juan Williams is very racial and very prejudicial. Don’t know why Fox hired him.He would be unemployed if not for Fox feeling sorry for him.

  5. Juan Williams needs to keep his racist mouth shut because he is not really even an American. All that ever comes out of his mouth is stupid nonsense.

  6. Who died in Fox News that caused Juan Williams to believe he is a mental health expert? He missed his mark with Biden.

  7. Agree with all posts! I will go one better however. Who the hell is Juan Williams to be telling a Supreme Court Justice to retire? That is Justice Breyer’s decision, NOT some sorry political hack like Williams! Williams should be fired post haste, he brings Fox News down with his nasty rhetoric!

  8. Juan is the reason I never watch FOX anymore…There is something not right about Fox having him on the 5…Is Fox really pulling a fast one with that JERK on there…I really don’t understand the Game they are playing…? I think they are playing both sides of the fence…I still don’t trust FOX after calling Arizona the winner for biden……!!!!!!!!!

  9. Why is williams talking about age and retiring? Maybe he better tell biden and pelosi to retire!

  10. Fire juan williams he’s mentally ill. When fox puts juan on I change the channel jessie waters is way more intelligent than juan williams.

  11. This comment is a reply to Ray on May 24. Then we would have Harris & I don’t think that’s what you want either. I have never had any respect for Juan since day 1 when he came on TV. He is too racist & not really intelligent at all. He shows that every time he open his mouth.

  12. All they want to do is pack the court and get rid of someone that is doing his job. I don’t want to pay taxes to support 4 more justices just so everything is left controlled.

  13. Judge Breyer is in so much better health and has so much more vigor than Joe Biden. If Breyer needs to step down, so does Joe Biden. Breyer could run circles around Joe.

  14. Supreme Court Justice Breyer should be left alone to make the decision about his leaving the bench. It is his right to decide what is best for his future and does not need anyone to pressure him to make a hasty decision so that the Democrats can appoint his replacement. It is amazing that the Democrats are so consumed with jealousy of what President Trump accomplished that they will try almost anything to upset us Republicans. Sorry Juan, it won’t work!

  15. I think the decision is entirely one that should be made by the eloquent and
    erudite Justice Breyer himself. I would venture a guess the Justice will not
    need Juan Williams’ or anyone else’s advice.

  16. Justice Breyer keep up the good work and do not step down in, tell the Democrats where to go

  17. Judge Breyer is doing a better job than the people who are criticizing him!! Let the man do his job. He is more qualified to decide that than they are. God bless him.

  18. I guess Juan Williams was hired by FOX because he shares a different view about things than most at FOX. It is a shame that Williams made that statement attacking JCJ Breyer because of his age rather than the importance of his soundness of mind. Perhaps Williams is “testing the waters” to see if others support his position. We have seen how the media has been used for many things even if untrue. I believe that Juan Williams is not alone with his opinion and that he is publicly saying what other Democrats are thinking.

  19. Juan Williams is a horses’ ARSE!!! I hope JUSTICE BREYER stays on that bench FOREVER!!!

  20. I agree when Juan AH opens his mouth I go to Me TV have a stop watch for 3 min then back to the 5 for smart people to talk Love when Greg or Jessey takes him on and proves what a jerk he is. When he is on Fox News Sunday I do not watch that segment
    He needs to go

  21. I can’t believe he is STILL on Fox He spews the most ignorant ideas…As long as a Justice does his job let him be He wants someone to step down let him look at biden there’s an example of a real fool fo President!!!

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