Wisconsin Announces Results of Election Audit

The election audit in Wisconsin has been concluded.

It has been announced that it was “largely safe and secure.”

Notice, that it is not quite completely safe and secure, but the language being used is clearly trying to downplay the problems found.

About as Expected

In a national election, it would be tough to find enough votes in as many states as Trump lost to overturn the election.

That has never been my focus concerning election audits.

I have stated many times that even minimal election irregularities can corrupt a local election.

In many of these elections, it can take less than 100 votes to determine an outcome, so these issues have to be addressed.

In all, auditors made 30 recommendations to improve the election process in the state, so I would call that considerable changes that need to be made.

Republican state Sen. Robert Cowles stated, “With 30 recommendations, many of which are urgent and significant, for the [Wisconsin Elections Commission] staff and another 18 items for Legislative consideration, we have work to do.

“However, despite concerns with statewide elections procedures, this audit showed us that the election was largely safe and secure.”

Republican State Rep. Samantha Kerkman said the audit “uncovered a number of instances in which existing laws were ignored by the very agency entrusted with overseeing our state’s elections.

“My Republican legislative colleagues and I remain committed to using the audit’s findings as a blueprint to bring necessary reforms where needed.”

Of the 15,000 ballots that were audited, seven percent of them had irregularities.

They also found 24 instances of double voter registrations.

Not enough to turn the election for Trump, not nearly enough, but that amount of ballots easily could have impacted a local race.

Source: Washington Examiner

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36 Responses

    1. Were it not for the fact that 90% of America’s media is controlled by Six small groups—all with seemingly similar political bias—Any attack on Conservatives are worthy of exploiting 24/7 whereas any attack on a Democrat supported gang like BLM & ANTIFA are not to be allowed, nor worthy of publication–in short not newsworthy. An AUDIT is not real unless it is complete–15,000 ballots looked into , out of how many cast? 7% of 15,000 equals just over 1,000—-BUT 7% of a MILLION equals Seventy Thousand—one hell of a lot of votes that could easily call for having the Electors recalled.Gary.

      1. I agreee. 15,000! That’s nothing. That’s not even a city is it? It’s been shown that most of the cheating was done after hours in the dark of night. Who are they trying to kid with this kind of a result?

  1. Sure hard to omit that we had a problem and fraud. !5,000 ballots out of how many in the state? Who else did it effect in the outcome? Isn’t it time that citizens have a right to get who they voted for?

      1. Because fraud has been found in so many states. Trump got 20,000 to 30,000 people at his rallies everywhere he went. Joe got 10 people at the few rallies he held. One place a rally was advertised for Joe, the press showed up a nd nobody was there. I saw the machine flip when Anderson Cooper was counting the votes, Biden got 500 more votes and at the same moment, Trumps total votes went DOWN 500 votes. The machines were rigged.

        1. And don’t forget the video of a Georgia polling site showing poll workers pulling boxes of ballots out FROM UNDER TABLES & being counted AFTER some poll workers were told the counting was finished for the night & to go home & come back in the morning. Two questions to be asked .
          Why didn’t ALL the workers leave & the lights turned off & the doors locked for the evening? Next is why were ballot boxes stored UNDER tables that were draped with a cloth.? Why not just stack them up in plain site.
          My theory is that ever since Hillary lost to Trump in 2016, Democrats had 4 years to devise a way to FIX & RIG the 2020 election so Trump would not be re-elected. I think some RINO’s were in on it too.
          Trump was exposing corruption in our government on BOTH SIDES OF THE AISLE that they could not take the chance of his re-election & exposing MORE.

    1. You must be someone that wants America a communist country like North Korea and china. Don’t like our Constitution. Go to China where you will feel more at home.

  2. I live in Wisconsin and I was keeping an eye on the election. There where 5 polling places in Milwaukee countty that where over 100% of legal voters, but I guess that should not make a difference??

  3. They say there was nothing illegal big enough to change election. They looked at 15,000 ballots. And they probably did exactly what GA did and counted the same fraudulent ballots again. Of course they haven’t found anything. I think they need to make a system where people who voted can log in and check to see if their ballots went to the right candidates. They are our ballots why can we not see them after counted.

  4. By the SCOTUS ruling in the case: United States v. Throckmorton (98US61:Supreme Court 1878) that Fraud vitiates everything, in legal context means negates, quashes, annuls, invalidates, revokes, and abrogates)).

    President Donald J Trump is therefore, the victor of the 2020 POTUS election by default… law… and according to the Constitution.

    It only takes one person to commit a fraud to overturn an election. So in reality, any city, county, or state where a fraud was committed is under the Supreme Court of 1878. Everyone in the congress,senate, and the United States Supreme Court knows this to be true, but will not do anything about it. But guess what, God will punish all those involved in any type of fraud. No fraud will go unpunished by God.

    1. First off I agree with Wes, why should there be ANY IRREGULARITIES in any elections.
      Here are some interesting FACTS
      There was 1,630,866 votes cast in Wisconsin for Biden. There were 1,610,184 votes cast for Trump or a total of
      3,241,050 TOTAL votes cast there, which is a difference of 20,682 votes.
      They AUDITED 15,000 & found 7% ( 1,050 ) had IRREGULARITIES.
      The 15,000 votes audited represents .0046 % ( that’s POINT 0046% ) of the TOTAL votes cast AND THEY CALL THAT AN AUDIT? If they found 1,050 votes as irregularities in that small of a % of the total, WHY didn’t they continue to audit thousands & thousands more?
      This AUDIT was nothing more than proof that the election was rigged & stolen from Trump.

    1. Everybody with half a brain knows the swamp stole the election to put in this senile old fool that belongs in prison in a rubber room to be their teleprompter reading fool pushing their communist agenda.then run him back to his little rat hole..

  5. There is no way that Joe Biden won the election of 2020 with 80,000,000 votes and 397 counties. That is the fraud and mega-lie of the 21st Century that will haunt America for decades to come. Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn ALL be damned!

    1. If Joe had won the election, that would mean that he beat Trump, Reagan, Bush, Kennedy every president in history. Do you believe it? Never.!

  6. The recount and investigation should have been done Immediately not when the Democrats had opportunity to hide, cover up, throw away, blow up building that the machines were to be audited in. How convenient. Audit was due the minute the election was questioned.

  7. This is just my opinion but I think all states should have their ballots recounted by a different state. No electronic voting, no unverified voting. I think all voting should be verified by finger print and one alternative for those with none. A national database verification but individual states rules otherwise. National data base tracks you only vote once. Sorry criminals your fingerprints will be on file to stop you when you are not allowed to vote.

  8. how cant the people belive this crap, democraps have destroyed the elections in this country, fraud is part of the democraps lives ,who was counting the votes! the same crooks who run the elections ! i realy dont think theres a honest person in these the elections boards!!! they are swamp creatures !

  9. I knew they would find nothing there its a DEMORAT state so they are going to say there was no fraud. But I am sure there was somewhere they are just covering it up .

  10. IT is a little Late , the thief and his criminals should have been in Jail long ago

    biden is the liar, thief, conman, crime lacky , shell of a ghost man and he only cared for or about his money

    the crime family used him and he has no clue , will never ever have a clue

    use’s all he can to get hbevis and buthead biden harris
    pinky and the brain fauci
    gomer pile control of military gen milly vinilli
    elmer fud or scare crow from the wizard of oz scool board

    the shot nazi is the crime leader

  11. Never ever get the shot
    with in 3 year s 50% will be dead

    kill ration is 15/25 /50

    time delayed action from shot nazis

  12. Yeah I believe that it was safe and secure just like the Az audit disclosed how secure theirs was. When Wisconsin conducts a thorough audit as Az did then I will be satisfied.

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