BREAKING: Iran Makes Terrifying Attack Announcement – World Stunned…

Iran isn’t even trying to hide it anymore.

They’ve been stealing.

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said on June Fourth that Iran did indeed steal oil from two Greek tankers last month during a helicopter raid in the Persian Gulf.

It gets a bit complicated and world-politic-y, but let me try to explain the order of events:

America sets (admittedly harsh) sanctions on the Islamic Republic.

Iran did not comply.

America responded by seizing crude oil from an Iranian tanker, with help from Greece.

If Greece was going to take oil from Iran, then Iran thought they were owed oil by Greece, and took what they thought was theirs.

Khamenei addressed the situation during an 80-minute speech on Saturday.

Of course, Khamenei didn’t view it as stealing.

According to him, Iran simply desired what belonged to them:

“They steal Iranian oil off the Greek coast, then our brave men who don’t fear death respond and seized the enemy’s oil tanker. But they use their media empire and extensive propaganda to accuse Iran of piracy. Who is the pirate? You stole our oil, we took it back from you. Taking back a stolen property is not called stealing.”

Source: Breitbart

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  1. With Russia taking up all the attention, EVERY little tick turd country in the world will be acting up for attention, look at North Korea, launching more rockets. We should have already NUKED Iran’s behind back to the Ice age decades ago, along with North Korea and several other of these schitthole countries that hate us !!!Joe Biden is a sniveling COWARD and EVERYBODY in the whole world knows it by now, so we will have to put up with these little third world countries acting out until we can RE-ELECT PRESIDENT TRUMP FOR A THIRD TIME, that is if Biden doesn’t get us ALL KILLED before then !!!! “PRESIDENT” Biden…… What a worldwide JOKE !!!!!

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